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AniFriday Issue #10 (January 24th, 2014)

January 24, 2014 3 comments

Unfortunately, this is going to be a very light week for me.  Had some family issues, and it pretty much kept me from keeping any sort of schedule.  To be fair, just staying in the house was a challenge.  That said, I can’t go without watching or reading anything.

Here are the anime and manga I’ll be covering in order:

  • Wizard Barristers ep2
  • Pupa ep2
  • Naruto ch662
  • One Piece ch735
  • Bleach ch565
  • Teppu ch3

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#Naruto ch631: I’m sorry, Sasuke wants to do what?! F*ck you guy! #manga

So many amazing panels this week that I had trouble pairing it down!

It looks like the Edo Tensei has backfired. Orochimaru’s used it to
ressurrect the four previous Hokage, and now we’re down to a test of
strength between them and the Juubi.

It was funny seeing Hashirama kinda brush off his old friend to take
care of business. Madara was just kinda annoyed, and appears to be
just letting the Hokage do their thing. His hard-on for Hashirama is
pretty strong. I’ll avoid the gay jokes, and just say it’s endearing.

And then Sasuke shows up, and everything gets real weird. And I knew

it would get that way, too. I just wasn’t expecting Sasuke’s reaction
to it. As if he and Naruto weren’t already at odds. And as usual, I
don’t agree with what Sasuke has said.

I don’t agree that everyone is in this predicament because of the
Hokages. I believe everyone is in this predicament because of the
Uchiha clan, and especially because of Madara Uchiha.

You damned idiot!

Whatever! Team Seven’s back together… well, except for Kakashi.
He’s having a conference in another dimension. Man, what a
disfunctional group.


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