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DKJ’s Top 20 Hottest Anime Chicks pt4 (5-1)

August 28, 2013 1 comment

So here we go!  My list of who I think are the five hottest women in anime.  Yes, I realize ahead of time that this likely will have some huge omissions for some of you.  But this is my damn list!  And my damn choices, tastes and rules!  If you have a problem with it, then send me a comment and tell me who I missed or who you’d prefer.  Or write your own damn blog post and send me a link.  Because from here, to the end of this blog post, it’s nothing but eye candy!  So shut up, and soak in the sexy!

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Check-in Station: DKJ’s annual Harem Hall-of-Fame Induction 2013

I made a post several years ago that I very regrettably never followed up. I think most guys (and some women) have their list of favorite hotties. Their mental list of of people they find most attractive. And it never perfectly corresponds to anyone else’s list. In a funny way, I believe it’s one of the more personal things you can express, when you take that list and put it to paper with pen. Or in the case of a blogger, take your idea from keystrokes to ones and zeros on your screen. I did so in that previous post, and I’m going to do it again this time. This is the list of my nominees for my Harem Hall-of-Fame. Read more…

DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: March 23rd (Because after Dark Souls I need something to make me feel better.)

Off my ass again to do another images of the week post.  My excuse for the delay this time?  Mass Effect 3 and getting my curb stomped by Dark Souls over and over… and over …and over again.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m making progress, but you can’t play that game without suffering, despair… and a healthy dose of spontaneously cursing because you screwed up, or the game screw you.  So when all is lost, I completely shut down the PS3 & boot up the anime.  Games nowadays have a way of telling you you’ve been playing for too long.  They tell you you need to stop and get out of the house.  You don’t need that with Dark Souls.  Granted you haven’t spiked your controller, you’ll walk away on your own, eventually.  But enough about that.  Anime and  manga, that’s all I’m concerned about right now.  Here are my usual, but hardly consistently weekly anymore, images of the week! Read more…

Check-out Station: Nisemonogatari eps 10 & 11: people and family are horrible things, but I wouldn’t want to be without them.

March 17, 2012 1 comment

So concludes another season of leachery and monsters, or is it monsters and leachery?  Or is it the leacherous monstrosity of a harem of horny monsters?  No, I guess all of that is a disservice to the season and the show.  It’s advanced anime for the veterans and the pervs.

I was wondering when the second half of the season (this very, very short season) would get down to business.  It did so in episode ten with Read more…

Nisemonogatari ep9: it’s hard and pressing against my boobs. That’s not what my karate master said.

It can’t be easy juggling your time between grown sexy women, horny and violent siblings, lesbian stalkers, supernatural lolis and the general good of those you care about.  Somehow Koyomi Araragi does it magnificently and poorly at the same time.  Though it does seem as though he’s spending as much time protecting the fruit that is his harem as he does protecting it.  Case in point: Nisemonogatari episode nine. Read more…

#Nisemonogatari ep8: ……*pant* ….*pant* …….*pant* #anime

February 27, 2012 3 comments

Uh…. What the f*ck just happened?  Does that actually work? Are they really going to do this again? Is Shinobu enjoying this?  Of course she is.  More importantly, the next time I brush my teeth… am I gonna get a boner that damns me to hell?!

I have to rub my head a bit after that one. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before somewhere. Nisemonogatari is not a starter anime.  It’s not a gateway anime.  It’s not an anime for the faint of heart.  Nisemonogatari is an anime for experts and veterans. I true appre- Hold on a sec, my heart is pounding unusually loudly after that episode. Read more…

Nisemonogatari ep7: what an absolutely, unquestionably incorrigible a-hole!

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Talk about a duel.  I suppose you get everything you could want and expect out of this show in this one episode.  But I’m not I was prepared for how it was to be delivered.  And I was actually worried about the result.  The Karen Bee arc comes to an interesting ending, but the show overall is stronger for it. Read more…

#Nisemonogatari ep6: I love you so much that you had better understand the boundaries of this relationship. #anime

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

No matter how static things seem in this show, nothing is ever static.  Something is alway moving in the background, someone’s thoughts are always being molded, opinions moved in a different direction.  This episode is a good example. Most of the episode is a conversation with Senjougahara, with the rest taken up by an encounter with Hachikuji and Shinobu.  It’s all talk, but nothing is static.

Things seemed to be stable once the episode started. Araragi had declared at least a stalemate with the wreath fire bee by lowering, but not completely relieving Karen’s fever.  She apparently was no longer in danger.  And then he runs into Hachikuji and he gets dragged over the metaphorical hot coals for breaking tradition.  She makes some good points, points that I believe Hanekawa has already made.  His sisters are really indistinguishable from him, aside from age and sex of course.  Their reckless abandon and “hero-streak” are his as well.  Though it appears he’s no closer to realizing it this episode. Read more…

#Nisemonogatari ep5: I can’t imagine that Araragi’s in a playful mood right now. Is this about revenge or solving the problem? #anime

February 4, 2012 2 comments

What an inconvenient solution. I’m sorry, but I’d have to let my sister keep the fever.

This episode definitely knocked me out of my playful mood. Seeing what that Kaiki dude did just sent me into an internal rage. I don’t care if that was my sister or not, Araragi can’t be completely cool underneath. For now though, it feels like he’s doing the right thing… sort of.  He’s at least trying to address her pain and health before getting some payback.

Maybe Read more…

DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: January 30th (chill out man, enjoy the ride!)

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

After a week off to right a little for We Remember Love, I get to come back to my hobby of summing up what I’ve watched in blog format.  I got to enjoy a pivotal moment in a manga I’ve been following for near a decade.  I discovered a comedy that has made me laugh in harder in two episodes than anything else I can remember watching in a long while, maybe since Fumoffu.  And I witnessed the end of an “age” of anime.  So then, here are the my images of the week! Read more…

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