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Check-out Station: Rinne no Lagrange (don’t mind us, we don’t have anything else to do)

I’ve sat through some classics in years of anime watching. Gunbuster, Diebuster, Evangelion, Eureka Seven, RahXephon, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I may even include Star Driver in that list. A list of classic “god” robot anime that have made an impact, or at the very least been intensely devoted their own style of storytelling and atmosphere. Rinne no Lagrange is not one of those shows. There’s nothing intense about it. Matter of fact, despite its dressing as a mecha show with powerful robots and interplanetary intrigue, its really a sheep in wolf’s clothing. And that’s what I think is this show’s problem. It attempts to meld genres unsuccessfully, and to the point of making you wonder why one element even matters in the presence of others. And it trivializes the events in the story and its eventual conclusion. Read more…

Rinne no Lagrange ep22: betrayal

The home stretch. In one corner we have the De Metrio army lead by Lord Villagulio. And in the other we have the Le Garite army lead by King Dizelmine.

Well, it looks like the end game has started. Dizelmine, influenced by Moid somehow, has unleashed Le Garite’s full force across their territories, especially Earth. I really don’t get it. Is Dizelmine so in love with his idea of peace through power that sense and negotiations are just thrown out the window? I guess he sees his opportunity and is perfectly willing to kill people for it. Tsk! This show never liked to explain itself very much, and neither does its characters. Read more…

Rinne no Lagrange ep16: the apple cart rolls over.

July 29, 2012 1 comment

[Rinne no Lagrange ep15]

Rinne no Lagrange is a shifty series.  Not in the way that Eureka Seven AO is, that whole series’ goal seems to be to keep the audience off balance.  And it’s not shifty in the way that it tells a subtle story that makes you wonder what certain character’s motivations are.  Aside from a select few characters, everyone is very straightforward with their goals and ambitions in this series.  Lagrange is shifty because it has never really allowed us a villain.  In the first season we get Villagulio, but it’s all misdirected.  He’s only half of the problem.  He’s very likable (aside from the Muginami abuse), and has been badly screwed over himself.  King Dizelmine of Le Garite seems to be the easy choice this season, but I’m also not so sure at this point either.  Are they both being manipulated, or is this really a case of two personalities that just can’t budge on their ideals? Read more…

Lagrange ep10: I have a fear. A fear of school festivals and too much lounging around.

Rinne no Lagrange is starting to delve deeper, and when it does that I like it.  It’s this potential and the series few shining moments that keep me watching (along with the gorgeous production values).  It’s too bad that I have trouble enjoying the show’s more subtle attributes.

Lagrange‘s love of swimming in the slice-of-life pool tends to irk me.  I enjoy character development and bonding just fine, but this show seems to have trouble emphasizing, or making understand how important its events are.  Sheesh!  Even though the series takes place on a Read more…

#Lagrange ep7: you guys are being a bit bold, aren’t you? #anime

February 19, 2012 1 comment

[Rinne no Lagrange ep6]

But I can’t complain about things like skinny-dipping, beautiful animation and artfully crafted flashbacks.  It’s strange. Even the stuff that normally annoys me just got glossed over this time.  This episode is the story of two characters who had lost their mojo and restored it in the span of this episode.  And also it may be the episode where I finally accepted Rinne no Lagrange.  *sigh* Read more…

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