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End of Year Special: Favorite Characters of 2010

I thought about making this a “best of” post on characters of 2010, but then I thought it wouldn’t have the personal touch that I desired.  This is just a list of the characters I enjoyed the most from anime series in 2010.  If you feel I missed someone or you want to put in your own two cents, then feel free to leave something in the comments.
Favorite Characters of the Year are…
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Check-in Station: DKJ’s annual Harem Hall-of-Fame Induction

August 14, 2010 4 comments

One of my favorite and most popular posts before I started my own blog was my Top 20 Anime Chicks posts.  It was a list that included those who believed were the hottest most desirable anime women I’ve come across in my years of watching anime.  But there are a lot of anime coming out all the time, and with the popularity of ecchi and moe series there are always new hotties coming up.  So I decided I’m going to add someone new to my list.  It will be a hall of fame of my favorite anime chicks. Read more…

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