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Knights of Sidonia eps 5 & 6: we don’t need heroes, we don’t need champions; we need bodies

Knights of Sidonia

Episode 5

I knew I wouldn’t have a lot to say about this episode the moment I knew the set up. Quiet episodes like these certainly can be fun to watch, but when it comes to the actual events, not a ton is actually happening. The show is nice enough though to give us some background while we’re watching Nagate and Shizuka struggle to survive and drink pee.

It seems that humanity encountered the Gauna race about six hundred years ago or so. They also found the only material that is capable of killing the gauna around that time. It seems clear that the gauna eventually descended upon Earth before either destroying it, or forcing the humans to destroy their own planet to contain the threat – which did not work. Now these things still stalk the galaxy for humanity.

Something that seems to recur in the narrative is Read more…

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