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Knights of Sidonia ep2: the stinkiest of heroes

May 18, 2014 1 comment

Knights of Sidonia

Episode 2

If there’s anything I find intriguing about this series, it’s the science (or scifi) behind it. Despite the confusion some of the concepts cause me while I’m trying to actually follow the story (you know, all the clones), I’m very happy all this stuff populates the world. Everything from the logistics of how this space colony/ship works, to the genetic engineering that goes on heavily within the populace. Hell, even the presence of a third gender in this series is an amazing concept to me. People like Izana (I have no idea how many are like “it”) can actually have a choice of gender and start life as a blank slate (like most of us) and continue that for years until they choose a mate. Genetically, biologically, socially, it’s all very intriguing and fascinating. And it’s something I give heavy thought to when I think about how it would affect the society I live in now. Read more…

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