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Check-in Station: Pervy Manga Review Pt. 2 (Bigger, Harder, Wetter, More Gay)

[Pervy Manga Review pt.1 (Spanking, Flashing & Wanking)]

It has been quite awhile since my last pervy manga update.  But now feels like the right time.  I’m starting new series and have completed a couple as well.  It seems like the perfect time to get my thoughts in order and down on a blog post.  Plus I’m sure everyone enjoys the pics.  Here we go!  Pervy Manga Review Pt. 2! Read more…

Check-in Station: Pervy Manga Review (Spanking, Flashing & Wanking)

August 12, 2010 1 comment
Given most of my postings and favorites, I can forgive people for thinking most of what I watch is shounen fight anime, mecha and cutesy moe filled goodness.  But I’m more diverse than that, and I always encourage people to do the same.   Read more…
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