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End of Year Special: The Best pt3 (Anime Series of the Year)

January 27, 2011 3 comments

It’s getting well into January and I realized that I couldn’t drag things out bit by bit until February roared around and decided to streamline my end of year awards.  Let me just say that if your show didn’t make it more than likely I just didn’t get around to seeing it… or I hated it.  And that being said, this can’t be called definitive in any way.  Like all my blog entries I’m really just archiving my thoughts and experiences to look back on at a later time.  Regardless, here’s what I most enjoyed about 2010 in delicious All-American list form. Read more…

Check-out Station: Highschool of the Dead (don’t look away, it’s gloriously tragic)

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Wow!  That’s finally over.  A popular opinion I’ve been hearing on the interwebs is that the Summer season was one of the most horrible ones that they can remember.  That however does not mean that there was nothing to watch.  Sometimes it’s fun to watch a trainwreck or disaster as well.  There are actually movies out there that are legendary and popular because they are so bad.  There’s a reason Court TV turned into Tru TV and started showing all those horrible “Worst”, “Dumbest” and “Most Dangerous” tv shows where they show real life footage of  people in dangerous, or ridiculous situations.  There’s a reason Youtube videos of people getting hurt or hurting others or just making fools of themselves get so many views and make people so much money (just look up the Bed Intruder phenomenon).  And there’s a reason people slow down to stare at carwrecks as they pass by.  People are just naturally compelled to look at the outrageous and unbelievable.  I saw a video the other day of a motorcycle getting hit by a truck.  The guy (formerly) on the motorcycle was flipped in and through the air when he was hit.  HE LANDED ON HIS FEET!  The guy walked back to the site of the accident and exchanged insurance information with the truck driver.  I’m showing that video to any and everyone who will let me.  You can bet on that.  And that’s what Highschool of the Dead capitalized on, our natural inclination to observe a disaster and tell everyone about it.  Like it or not, this show was a terrible success. Read more…

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