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Check-in Station: DKJ’s annual Harem Hall-of-Fame Induction 2013

I made a post several years ago that I very regrettably never followed up. I think most guys (and some women) have their list of favorite hotties. Their mental list of of people they find most attractive. And it never perfectly corresponds to anyone else’s list. In a funny way, I believe it’s one of the more personal things you can express, when you take that list and put it to paper with pen. Or in the case of a blogger, take your idea from keystrokes to ones and zeros on your screen. I did so in that previous post, and I’m going to do it again this time. This is the list of my nominees for my Harem Hall-of-Fame. Read more…

Check-in Station: DKJ’s annual Harem Hall-of-Fame Induction

August 14, 2010 4 comments

One of my favorite and most popular posts before I started my own blog was my Top 20 Anime Chicks posts.  It was a list that included those who believed were the hottest most desirable anime women I’ve come across in my years of watching anime.  But there are a lot of anime coming out all the time, and with the popularity of ecchi and moe series there are always new hotties coming up.  So I decided I’m going to add someone new to my list.  It will be a hall of fame of my favorite anime chicks. Read more…

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