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Gundam Unicorn ep6: you are not who we thought you were!

Episode 5

I love Gundam Unicorn! I mean it! I absolutely adore this series, and I don’t fear it not living up to expectations at all. It is a “oldfag”, Universal Century lover’s dream of a production. Even when episodes seem to run “cool” (have lots of exposition and downtime), they still are utterly compelling to me. Take this sixth installment in the latest series of OVA’s from the Gundam franchise. There is a lot more tension than combat, and that has kinda become the norm for this production. But when there is combat it is of a level many have only dreamed of, stuff us long-adoring, long-suffering fans have only seen in spurts. Couple that with some excellent set up for the final battle, and the almost surreal image of Mineva ZABI putting on that Zeon uniform; and you have a production that I think many anime fans and outsiders can enjoy to a certain degree, but can only be fully appreciated by those fans intimately immersed in this metaverse for so many years. Now then, Gundam Unicorn episode six. Let’s go. Read more…

Check-in Station: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ep5 (know who you are)

June 20, 2012 1 comment

Episode 4

The joy of a new episode of Gundam Unicorn.  Though the joy is more for the anticipation of the ultimate episode, as opposed to the only decent action.  Banagher, I hope you’re ready. Fate’s been waiting for you in space. Suck it up.

The long awaited realization of what the black Gundam is and who is piloting it is revealed. Read more…

Gundam Unicorn ep4: Remember the Titans! (Banagher has earned many BRO points this episode.)

January 30, 2012 5 comments

*fist pump*

I was a little bit lost at first, it has been awhile since I made my way through the third episode. And this bit of the OVA accomplished quite a bit in the one hour it had to work. I got to see some nice One Year War-esque carnage along with the grandness and beefiness of CCA era mobile suits. The beginning attack on Dakar was just a teaser apparently for the carnage that was the last 15 – 20 minutes. Read more…

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