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Check-in Station: Gundam AGE ep28 (a NOT kinder, gentler Federation)

June 28, 2012 4 comments

So I’ve finally finished the second AGE of Gundam AGE, and now I won’t be AGES behind everyone else watching this series…. OK, that was terrible. Let’s get on with this.

Anyone who says burning passion is for youth has never met Flit Asuno. The man is the definition of “squared away” and driven. I believe that this second AGE was as much a set up for him as the man who decides the Vagan nation’s ultimate fate, as it was about Asemu’s coming-of-age. Read more…

DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: March 23rd (Because after Dark Souls I need something to make me feel better.)

Off my ass again to do another images of the week post.  My excuse for the delay this time?  Mass Effect 3 and getting my curb stomped by Dark Souls over and over… and over …and over again.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m making progress, but you can’t play that game without suffering, despair… and a healthy dose of spontaneously cursing because you screwed up, or the game screw you.  So when all is lost, I completely shut down the PS3 & boot up the anime.  Games nowadays have a way of telling you you’ve been playing for too long.  They tell you you need to stop and get out of the house.  You don’t need that with Dark Souls.  Granted you haven’t spiked your controller, you’ll walk away on your own, eventually.  But enough about that.  Anime and  manga, that’s all I’m concerned about right now.  Here are my usual, but hardly consistently weekly anymore, images of the week! Read more…

DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: January 30th (chill out man, enjoy the ride!)

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

After a week off to right a little for We Remember Love, I get to come back to my hobby of summing up what I’ve watched in blog format.  I got to enjoy a pivotal moment in a manga I’ve been following for near a decade.  I discovered a comedy that has made me laugh in harder in two episodes than anything else I can remember watching in a long while, maybe since Fumoffu.  And I witnessed the end of an “age” of anime.  So then, here are the my images of the week! Read more…

DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: Jan. 2nd (Happy New Year! …now put your pants back on.)

It’s amazing how some people choose to spend their first day of a new year.  Some spend it in church.  That’s understandable.  Not my way mostly, but it’s still fine.  I’ve had enough of midnight mass or church, it just feels weird to me.  I’ll save my fellowship for daytime.  *ahem!*  The rant has ended.  Then there are those people that choose to spend it with family, a personal favorite of mine.  You can drink whatever you want with people who probably won’t rob you when you’ve passed out on the floor… or in the bathtub.  Don’t ask.  And you never have to worry about how you’re getting home with a BAC (blood alcohol content) that could very well be a Major League baseball player’s batting average, while avoiding police checkpoints.

Then there are who have to spend that time; the very waxing hours of the morning, the day, the year, at work.  And depending on the profession, you have to spend that time with the a-holes who seem to choose to spend their first hours of 2012 in the hospital or jail.  You morons make me sick and are the reason why I prefer to spend my waxing hours doing what I did, watching anime.  The holiday vacation time is a good time to catch up on many things.  I’m happy to say I caught up or started some nice material, and unlike the post I had there’s a much greater variety.  So for those of you who, like me, enjoy all things anime,  here are my anime, manga and pervy (hooray) images of the week. Read more…

#GundamAGE ep12: X-Region? X-Region?! Who at Bandai do I have to punch?! #anime

He’s a Newtype you twats!!  A Newtype!  Just come up with some bullsh*t excuse to give him the proper title.  Ugh! I better move on.

Good, entertaining episode.  Sure there seemed to be plenty of times when it felt like everyone was having a staring contest, but they managed that reasonably well.  Mr. Chocolate Bar showed some real planning skill, I suppose that if Grodek wasn’t so damn lucky (or blessed depending on how you want to see it) they would’ve been captured or badly damaged before they ever got to a UE fleet.

It all panned out a bit too conveniently for me at times, but I suppose things still came across with a reasonable amount of suspension and action.  We even got a Newtype flash from Flit.  He showed some stellar spatial awareness and reacted like a psychic to his opponents for a moment there.  I even thought I saw a little Amuro in him for a moment there.

All in all, a good transitionary episode as the show moves towards the end of its first generation, or arc, or whatever you want to call it.  I’m also glad that I didn’t hear a lick about the AGE system for another episode. I’ve been afraid that the show would come to rely on it too much, as if it were a new toy for a Saturday morning kids’ show.  But the AGE has been well restrained the entire time regarding it.

I’ve seen a quality product in the show and it’s making me very optimistic about what it can achieve in the future.  This next episode will be crucial in several ways for the show, however.  I want to see what they do with the animation, with the characters, with the tone of the show.  I’m very anxious to see how dark it plans on being.  In my opinion, dark Gundam often equals good Gundam (Turn A being an exception).

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Gundam AGE ep6: Tell that son of a b*tch to get back in his hole!

November 25, 2011 Leave a comment

There a quite a few different situations being woven throughout this episode. First, there’s Wolfe’s ambitions. He seems to have some mercenary/paramilitary friends who he appear to be giving him the hookup.

Then, there’s Captain Grodek Read more…

#GundamAGE ep1: that wasn’t so bad. It was an average Gundam opening. #anime

October 11, 2011 5 comments

Poor Largan, he just missed out on making Gundam history. Then again, I suppose his place will be as the veteran/senpai pilot who may or may not die. If you’re a veteran mentor who has previously piloted a Gundam or other super mobile suit before like Amuro, Char, or Athrun you live. If you’re a skilled veteran who normally pilots grunts during your mentorship though like Sleggar Law or Mu la Flaga you tend to die. But I’m getting way ahead of myself. Read more…

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