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Check-out Station: Guilty Crown ep1-12 (take everything good about anime, put it in a blender and what do you get?)

January 23, 2012 Leave a comment

You get a really expensive mess. I’m not one of those people that had high hopes for Guilty Crown when the season previews started rolling out. So when the show didn’t impress me at the beginning, I didn’t pay much of a mind to it. However, when the show started to go from bland to terrible, that was unexpected. For all its earnest effort, something went wrong here. Something went terribly wrong. Read more…

DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: January 16th (am I watching anime, or the Playboy channel?)

January 16, 2012 2 comments

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  And for those of you that don’t think it’s a real holiday and don’t earnestly celebrate it, you’re a racist!  Black people, I’m talking to you too!  Learn your holidays you lazy kids.  *grabs cane and shakes it*  I have to say, it’s been one hell of a productive week, at least as far as anime goes anyway.  Outside of anime and manga it’s been kinda rough.  I’m on the verge of beating Skyward Sword when the Motion Plus breaks, the washing machine breaks, I lose a 32 gig SD card…  dear lord!  Anime has been a respite!  So I hope you enjoy what comes across as an extra level of enthusiasm for one of the few things that have been awesome possum for me this week.  Anime, you are my sanctuary! Read more…

DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: Jan. 2nd (Happy New Year! …now put your pants back on.)

It’s amazing how some people choose to spend their first day of a new year.  Some spend it in church.  That’s understandable.  Not my way mostly, but it’s still fine.  I’ve had enough of midnight mass or church, it just feels weird to me.  I’ll save my fellowship for daytime.  *ahem!*  The rant has ended.  Then there are those people that choose to spend it with family, a personal favorite of mine.  You can drink whatever you want with people who probably won’t rob you when you’ve passed out on the floor… or in the bathtub.  Don’t ask.  And you never have to worry about how you’re getting home with a BAC (blood alcohol content) that could very well be a Major League baseball player’s batting average, while avoiding police checkpoints.

Then there are who have to spend that time; the very waxing hours of the morning, the day, the year, at work.  And depending on the profession, you have to spend that time with the a-holes who seem to choose to spend their first hours of 2012 in the hospital or jail.  You morons make me sick and are the reason why I prefer to spend my waxing hours doing what I did, watching anime.  The holiday vacation time is a good time to catch up on many things.  I’m happy to say I caught up or started some nice material, and unlike the post I had there’s a much greater variety.  So for those of you who, like me, enjoy all things anime,  here are my anime, manga and pervy (hooray) images of the week. Read more…

#GuiltyCrown ep1: I’m not in love, but this is a pretty good, if standard start. #anime

October 16, 2011 1 comment

This series got off to a good start. Though I’m sure plenty of anime veterans will see a lot of this stuff and start drawing comparisons and connecting the dots pretty quickly. I already have.

This episode felt very much like early episodes of series I had seen before. I got a very RahXephon-like feel from some of this episode, along with a dash of Code Geass at the end. Though I’m sure dozens of anime have started their series in a similar manner. The mystery girl who at a glance can appear spaced out or vapid. The lame, socially awkward male protagonist who seems to infect 80 – 90% of the Anime I seem to watch. The at a glance (& often in retrospect) nonsensical gibberish that passes for foreshadowing and world building in these shows. Hell, I’m sure TVTropes is already becoming well populated by Guilty Crown’s contributions.

Those things said, the animation and sound quality were very nice! I hope they didn’t. Low their budget, I hold Production IG to a very high standard. Higher than GAINAX or Madhouse or even BONES if you can believe it. And for a first episode that didn’t really impress me, I still feel like I really want to know more about this world. So based solely on that I’d say the episode was a success. I just hope that nobody’s jumping the gun and starting to compare this to some of the year’s best, yet. Guilty Crown has a long way to go, it just got off on the right foot is all.

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