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Uchouten Kazoku ep5: you can’t have your tanuki and eat it too – so don’t eat it!!

August 5, 2013 1 comment

Well this episode was weirder than normal. All in all, not a lot happened. But what did was pretty important. Our tanuki hero is on the run from Benten after destroying the inner parlor and losing the Flying Thunder God fan. His efforts to be on the run don’t get him very far though. As pretty early into the episode he’s already been caught by Benten and her tengu guards. Wow, this show isn’t going to last very long if the main character gets cooked this episode. Read more…

Uchouten Kazoku ep4: incorrigible!

July 28, 2013 1 comment

Uh, wow! Tanukis really are a foolish, foolish race.  This was like a giant slap fight – with rockets.

It’s finally the night of the festival, and as the humans prepare, so do the tanuki. In the flying tea room, known as the inner parlor, the Shimogamo family gathers to observe the human festivities from the skies. The only problem? Yasaburo’s guest hasn’t arrived yet. Read more…

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