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Time for EVO!!! (out of the office)

It’s that time of the year again! Evolution 2014! It’s the biggest, most hype fighting game tournament IN THE WORLD! And I’ll be watching it this entire weekend! Now I realize this is also the early part of the Summer season, and there’s still a lot of anime I want to test out. All my blogs for that material will becoming out starting of next week on Monday. So things may be a little bare this weekend, but feel rest assured that things will start piling up soon after.

I’m a huge fighting game fan, though I have no actual talent, nor time to be competent at the games.  But for me, this is a sport akin to football in the Fall and basketball in the Spring.  The games I’ll be looking forward to are Ultra Street Fighter IV, Killer Instinct  UltimateMarvel versus Capcom 3, and of course I want to see the finals for King of Fighters XIII.  If you have not seen a finals for KOF XIII, then you’re missing out on some of the most exciting stuff you can see in a fighting game.  And it almost always comes down to a battle of Latin America versus Asia.  (Granted, there have only been two Grand Finals for that game so far.)

And finally there’s Smash Bros.!  That game has gone from a  pariah and a game that wasn’t even considered a fighting game, to one of its biggest attractions.  Personally, I’m not that big into the that community, but I’ll be rooting for anyone kicking ass with Jiggly Puff!

Just as a bit of a primer for whoever does decide to tune in, here are the players I’ll be watching for in USFIV.

  • Team PIE’s Smug (Dudley specialist)
  • Team PIE’s Zeus (Vega and Dictator player, the reason I decided to try Vega)
  • Snake Eyez (one of the best, if not THE best Zangief in the world, it’s either him or Flash Metroid)
  • EG Ricky Ortiz (likely the best American Street Fighter player)
  • EG PR Balrog (right up there with Ricky Ortiz – PUERTO RICO!!!)
  • Infiltration (a previous EVO two-time champ; the other championship was in Street Fighter X Tekken, and a SF grand master)
  • Xian (last year’s EVO champ)

…and on and on and on!  Biggest fighting game tourney in world, and it’s full of nothing but killers!  This is my World Cup!

See you guys next week!

quick Minor Announcement

July 10, 2013 2 comments

I’m sure anyone regularly following my little blog has taken notice of the ridiculous pace at which I’ve been posting. And while that’s partially do to just trying out what appears to be a ridiculously stacked Summer season, it’s also cause I just love the excitement and mystery of new anime. But I also have other hobbies, I’m a big fan of tech and video games, as well. And this weekend EVO will be streaming. The biggest fighting game tournament – IN THE WORLD! And I get hyped for it every year! Matter of fact, its inspired me to pick up Super Street Fighter IV AE again and practice my Yang (one day ill share my PSN ID with you guys). And it will be taking a lot of my attention during what free time I can manage this weekend.

So I will still be doing my best to catch the second episodes of most of the anime I covered from the first week of Summer 2013, as well as continuing *Majestic Prince* and *Attack on Titan* (god I love those shows). All that stuff may just be delayed until Monday and after.

It’s a fun, interesting summer and I hope to be doing a lot during it. Hope you guys understand.

Also of note, I’ve been thinking of expanding the blog a bit, and reaching out to other bloggers. So who knows, maybe when my schedule gets normalized (if ever), you’ll catch me on a podcast sometime.

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