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#PhantomRequiem ep1: dem masks is kinda sexy. #anime

January 6, 2013 3 comments

You ever been so far behind on something that it’s kinda embarrassing.  Missed a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment and hadn’t made of that missed appointment in years?  Or you’re late getting somebody a present and giving them a call to congratulate them on something?  Well if you have then you know how I feel about some of my anime watching.  I’m so embarrassingly behind on series I should have finished by now, that I make things worse by picking up new series, or in this case “classic” series. Oh Black Lagoon, I know it’s a crime
that I haven’t seen you in months. But I promise that I WILL watch you again, soon!

I’m picking up people’s recommendations left and right . First it was for a shoujo.  This time it’s a recommendation for something more dramatic.  I’m a huge fan of Noir.  I’ll defend that show like a rabbid hound.  So I’ve had people recommend series like Gunslinger Girls and Phantom for years.  I just never picked them up because I had no interest in expanding my horizons.  I was very satisfied with the series, and thought that I didn’t need anything else.  But then again, what kinda anime fan doesn’t watch more anime?  I finally cracked and have added Phantom to my queue.  AndI’m not disappointed so far. Read more…

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