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DKJ’s Top 20 Hottest Anime Chicks pt4 (5-1)

August 28, 2013 1 comment

So here we go!  My list of who I think are the five hottest women in anime.  Yes, I realize ahead of time that this likely will have some huge omissions for some of you.  But this is my damn list!  And my damn choices, tastes and rules!  If you have a problem with it, then send me a comment and tell me who I missed or who you’d prefer.  Or write your own damn blog post and send me a link.  Because from here, to the end of this blog post, it’s nothing but eye candy!  So shut up, and soak in the sexy!

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Check-in Station: DKJ’s annual Harem Hall-of-Fame Induction 2013

I made a post several years ago that I very regrettably never followed up. I think most guys (and some women) have their list of favorite hotties. Their mental list of of people they find most attractive. And it never perfectly corresponds to anyone else’s list. In a funny way, I believe it’s one of the more personal things you can express, when you take that list and put it to paper with pen. Or in the case of a blogger, take your idea from keystrokes to ones and zeros on your screen. I did so in that previous post, and I’m going to do it again this time. This is the list of my nominees for my Harem Hall-of-Fame. Read more…

#DogDays S2 ep1: I forgot how embarrassing and fun this show is. And embarrassing. #anime

So Shinku’s back in the land of forest animal people, and I’m pleasantly amused. When I left this show, I wasn’t sure how good it was, or how watchable it would be even a year from now.  But now that it’s back and in my queue, I think I could like with the silly, almost pointless spectacle that ends up on my screen.

Season two seems to be doing classic, by the numbers stuff.  A sequel generally adds more people, increases scope, and will retread some stuff from the previous series to make a connection and show that the show hasn’t changed what it’s all about.

Shinku’s rival and cousin, Nanami represents the increase not only in people, but an interesting new rival (or old rival).  And just as we get used to seeing things play out the way they usually do, we find there’s a third party who wants in on the …well, the party.  Though I can’t tell if it’s a nation of squirrels or foxes. Regardless, she’ll be making a big mistake picking up Betsy for a warrior.  Matter of fact, I’m betting (nothing) that she’ll just be misrepresented as a hostage.

All in all, I’ll definitely be watching this show all the way through.  This series will end pretty quickly and easily just like the last one.  And it makes for a nice easy filler show, even in my busy line up.
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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: June 6th (Kitchen demons are the new hot pets)

June 6, 2011 2 comments

Good week for anime, good week for manga, and a good week for games.  But since the blog isn’t about games, and I’m sure you don’t wanna here by my  third or fourth playthroughs of Mass Effect 2; I’m gonna stick to the anime and manga stuff if that’s okay with you guys?  Let’s get to it! Read more…

Check-in Station: Dog Days eps1-5 (should I euthanize this beast?)

Like with most any show I watch that isn’t a highly recommended classic, I came into my first viewing of Dog Days with no expectations.  And then I watched the first episode and began sharpening the knife.  I just knew that this series didn’t have long and once put under my watchful eye towards it.  I would don my olive wreath crown (which I wear for all of my home anime viewings), assume a comfortable seat on my thrown (a very comfortable executive leather chair) and give it a thorough thumbs up.  Damning it to The Hall of Dropped and Incomplete series.  Does Dog Days survive the infamous Five Episode Test? Read more…

DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: May 8th (totally late, but still pervy)

I can’t believe we’re well into May.  This has not been a quiet year, nor a quiet week.  But I’m not gonna get into politics or who killed who.  I just want a peaceful life where I can watch some good anime, drink well and enjoy my time with friends and family.
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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: May 1st (it has been a rough week)

Well it hasn’t been a rough week for me personally, more like for the anime characters I’ve seen this week.  Given the fact that I watched some good old  80’s and 90’s mecha, I got some decent gore.  And then when I thought my week was gonna be all nice and smooth with only a minimal amount of blood and violence I run into the buzz saw that is Shiki episode 14.  The good news is Read more…

DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: April 12th (the Abbrev. Ed.)

April 11, 2011 2 comments

What? Don’t look at me like that.  I’ve been busy.  Regardless, it’s been a fun if not very productive week.  I got to finish two series that have been running for 2 seasons and I got some surprising results from that.   I’m slowly dipping my toes into the new season, though I’m careful not to overlook the massive backlog I now have following me.   I’m looking forward and backward this week and for this post. Read more…

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