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AniFriday Issue #23: July 25th, 2014 (Star Platinum/Jonathan Joestar wants you deep inside his body!)

I will refrain from going on a rant this week.  Instead, I’ll just say that I’m having a lot of fun with anime right now.  Especially since I’ve started narrowing down and finishing off lingering series.  Ao Haru Ride, Argevollen and Glasslip are gone.  Tokyo Ravens and Chaika are almost done.  It’s a whole lot more satisfying than what I have to deal with when it comes to manga.  The impression is being given that mega manga Bleach and Naruto are ending, but those lingering final battles are going to last a long time.  And if they aren’t f*cking amazing battles, it’s gonna leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.

There.  Nice and short.  Here are the anime & manga I’ll be covering in order:

  • Stardust Crusaders ep15 & 16
  • Tokyo Ravens ep21 & 22
  • Chaika the Coffin Princess ep7
  • Akame ga Kill! ep3
  • Hajime no Ippo ch1059 & 1060
  • Naruto ch685
  • Bleach ch589

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AniFriday Issue #20: July 4th, 2014 (I get everything I want, except for a vacation)


It’s a holiday, so I don’t really have too much to say.  Hopefully while you’re reading this, I’m eating blue crabs and chilling with my family.  If I’m not doing that, then I’m at work, or fretting over what I’m going to start watching for this upcoming Summer anime season.  I always found it interesting how the anime seasons start not when you expect the actual seasons to start, but at a point where you can’t deny what season it is.  I you’re watching an anime in July, it’s clearly a summer anime.  If you start watching a new show in October, you can’t deny it’s fall and that usually the weather will be appropriately  matching.  It’s not like some other activities where you go, “GEEZUS!  It’s really too hot for football!”  Or “how is hockey even a playable sport right now?”  It’s not like a sale either, where you see the phrase summer sale and wonder what the f*ck they mean when it’s just barely May.  Nope!  So while anime does specifically signal any particular season, at  least in its own strange round about way, it’s a clear sign of the seasons when new ones start appearing. Read more…

AniFriday Issue #18 (June 13th, 2014): there’s no “I” in team, and there’s no creepy monster in my mirrors anymore

Summer’s here!  And that means that I have more time to watch anime and read more manga!  Why?  It’s not because I’m out of school, I’ve been done with that forever.  It’s because my kids aren’t in school, so I don’t have to waste time picking them up and because I can get more sleep.  I don’t have to wake up four hours after going to bed to take care of business!  Couple that with the time I plan on spending at the beach and drinking more beer, and I’m thinking that I’m going to be in a much better mood over the next couple of months. Read more…

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