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Wanna Be The Strongest ep10: b*tch you coming home!

December 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Sakura just can’t stop being a target, or the center of attention. Her upcoming match with Blue Panther catching all the highlights in the Japanese wrestling world (of women). The reporters are in such a fevered pitch, that they don’t even care to ask about Moe’s debut match against her mentor. They may have been missing out on a great story though, because Moe has shown that she has a lot of talent. How will she fair in her rookie debut? Read more…

Wanna Be The Strongest ep9: her first wrestling fan

December 3, 2013 1 comment

Even after an action packed episode from the week before, the show is already quickly moving on, as a talented new supporting character joins the cast. Her name is Moe Fukuoka, a talented and athletic high school student who is a champion in competitive karate. Her debut almost mirrors Sakura’s in that her uninitiated, amateur hijinks in the ring are met with scorn by the other wrestlers, especially the gym bully, Rio. The difference this time around though, is that Moe is already well prepared to take care of herself, as she flattens poor Rio with one good kick when challenged. It’s starting to look like an all out rumble is about to start between her and and a few of the Berserk wrestlers before the gym’s president shows up and sees what’s going on.

Read more…

Wanna Be The Strongest ep7: Gold Jackal, Blue Panther

November 24, 2013 1 comment

Welp! I’m back watching this show. Believe me, if Golden Time or even Valvrave were available at the time of this post, I’d watch and talk about them instead. But someone needs to watch this show, it may as well be me. Plus, with the previous episode’s focus on action, I feel like I may be able to squeeze a little entertainment value out of this show yet. Oh who am I kidding?! This will be 22 minutes of crap! Read more…

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