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Attack on Titan ep22: everybody gets an “F”

September 9, 2013 2 comments

Well, I hope you guys like failure.  Because there’s a hell of a lot of it in this episode.  Given that this show gives off the strong vibe of a shounen battle manga, I doubt all this failure and loss will be the immediate end of things.  I get the feeling that this battle is going to come back harder and stronger than before.  But for now, drink in the river of tears that is Attack on Titan. Read more…

Attack on Titan ep21: trust is overrated and victory is delicious

September 1, 2013 3 comments

I suppose this battle could have gone better, but I can’t see how it could get any worse also. With a lot of dead soldiers and wasted resources, there’s nothing to show for what they’ve done. And now, with all the layers of defense peeled away, there’s nothing standing between the Female Titan and Eren aside from three very good, but very scared and over matched soldiers. And I have to say, for a moment I was impressed, though not fooled. Read more…

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