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Check-out Station: Golden Time ep21 – FINAL

Well here I am.  I’m quite late, but not as late as i expected.  It’s been a long time coming.  I originally said that I had high hopes for this series, and that I was looking forward to something dramatic and exciting.  But as I got through this series it got more weird, a less of everything else.  Less romance, more screaming.  Less comedy, and more goofiness.  So then let’s see if this final stretch of the show can redeem Golden Time, and make it truly a memorable show. Read more…

Golden Time ep4: heart to heart, or knife to heart?

October 27, 2013 1 comment

You can warn and warn people all you want, but you can’t break someone’s reality easily. They have to accept it as a lie, through some sort of hard evidence. And even then, there’s a risk of relapse at the slightly provocation. In this episode, it’s time for Koko to come to grips with a hard fact. Mitsuo doesn’t love her. He doesn’t even like her. And Banri may have to come to grips with something similar. The strangers in his life may know him better than he knows himself. Read more…

Golden Time ep3: the difference between being lonely and alone

October 19, 2013 1 comment

So this is the episode where Banri and Koko go on their club trip together. Man, what is up with these college clubs? Why the hell do they all seem so desperate and aggressive? As soon as they show up to pick everyone up, they’re shoved into vans and sent on their way. At least with 2D-kun (from the Tea Club’s crazy party) also there, the two of them have someone else to talk to.  Though I’m sure this will just be one of those episodes where they have fun, see a bear and talk about their pasts.  Nothing too bad right? Read more…

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