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Servant x Service Ep. 9: Where Apparently Everyone Should be a Mind Reader…

September 30, 2013 Leave a comment

I really thought this was going to be a Chihaya episode, but quickly realized that this was going to highlight each of the main characters and one of the major issues in any relationship: COMMUNICATION.

Even before the opening credits, we see Lucy lamenting over the Read more…

The bestest of news!


As some reading may know, I’m a huge fan of Hajime no Ippo. I’d put it up there with Gundam when it comes to the obsessive amount of attention and love I pay this franchise. And I’ve recently gotten word (yes, I’m quite late, by one or two weeks) that a 3rd series is being produced for the franchise, scheduled to air this Fall! I couldn’t be happier and fully plan to cover this show.

The highlight this time around will likely be the counter-heavy Sawamura vs. Ippo fight.  And even without the major events, there are great little stories and fights and Morikawa’s trademark, juvenile humour to look forward to as well.  I’m going to do a little remedial reading to see what exactly this third season will cover. I believe this upcoming season will deal heavily with the Dempsey Roll and its glaring weaknesses. Starting with Shimabakuro’s attack on it. I would really, really like to see the Miyata vs. Randy Boy Jr. match, and the Woli vs. Ippo match, but but of those are unlikely. Those major events lead right up to the Class A tournament, Volg’s world championship match and Ippo’s Big Decision.  All of which has just been covered in the manga. So I suspect that stuff would be ripe material for a fourth TV series, but that is gross speculation right now.

The main point is that Ippo is coming, and I am ready!  The Fall season can’t come soon enough!

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Guest Post: Wild 7

Hey guys!  I did a post for my buddy Prede the other week.  I’d appreciate it if you gave it a read, and checked out some of his material as well.  He’s a good writer, who who has a knack for detail and nostalgia.


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#Naruto ch635: I’m questioning who the zombies really are in this story. #manga

Really Kishi? You just gonna end the chapter there? Taking notes
from Kubo I see. Ugh, the end of this chapter. It bates so hard…

Well it looks like you can’t just throw an all-star team of legendary
shinobi together and expect them to have great chemistry. Though this
lesson should’ve been learned from the Five Kage Summit and the crap
with the start of the Allied Shinobi Army. The problem is that Sasuke
is such an irrepressible douche, that he makes himself a magnetic for
hate and mistrust.

On the bright side, Orochimaru! YAY! Though his team of elite freaks
certainly lacks any chemistry of their own. I really wish he would
stray away from his creepy fascination with Sasuke. He really makes
the pedo jokes so easy. But at least for now, even his goals are
aligned with everyone else’s. How can he discover new jutsu and enjoy
the chaos of the world when it’s all one big, fake peaceful dream?

Tsunade looks like total and complete crap, but that’s to be expected
after the MURDERING she took. These guys have died several times
over, they should’ve long since died.

I’m interested to see if someone can break through to Sasuke. God, I
hate him so much. I don’t see how any one would want him as Hokage,
even with all the power he wields.

A little theory a friend gave me at work: our guess is that Naruto
will never become Hokage. Instead he’ll be reborn as the Sage of the
Six Paths and travel the world promoting peace with Kakashi and MAYBE
Hinata. Meanwhile, Sasuke will rebuild the Uchiha clan’s reputation
and mend the Hidden Leaf as the Sixth Hokage. As far as I’m
concerned, it’s sound enough. Though I’ll never enjoy the idea of
Sasuke not being dead in a ditch, next to the corpse of Sakura with
that idiotic, vapid smile on her face.

Morbid, I agree, but I doubt most of you have followed this series for
as long as I have.
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Raep face!

May 22, 2013 1 comment


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#Naruto ch631: I’m sorry, Sasuke wants to do what?! F*ck you guy! #manga

So many amazing panels this week that I had trouble pairing it down!

It looks like the Edo Tensei has backfired. Orochimaru’s used it to
ressurrect the four previous Hokage, and now we’re down to a test of
strength between them and the Juubi.

It was funny seeing Hashirama kinda brush off his old friend to take
care of business. Madara was just kinda annoyed, and appears to be
just letting the Hokage do their thing. His hard-on for Hashirama is
pretty strong. I’ll avoid the gay jokes, and just say it’s endearing.

And then Sasuke shows up, and everything gets real weird. And I knew

it would get that way, too. I just wasn’t expecting Sasuke’s reaction
to it. As if he and Naruto weren’t already at odds. And as usual, I
don’t agree with what Sasuke has said.

I don’t agree that everyone is in this predicament because of the
Hokages. I believe everyone is in this predicament because of the
Uchiha clan, and especially because of Madara Uchiha.

You damned idiot!

Whatever! Team Seven’s back together… well, except for Kakashi.
He’s having a conference in another dimension. Man, what a
disfunctional group.


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#FairyTail ch294: Natsu and Gajeel didn’t spend years in purgatory, just to be beaten by n00bs. #manga

August 8, 2012 1 comment

I’ve said this about other chapters before, I’ll repeat again. I
can’t wait to see this arc, and especially this chapter animated!
This show is always at its best when dragonslayers tangle. And when
Luxus is in any of the panels. And whenever we get to see Lucy, Erza
or any of the chicks with hot bodies…
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#GundamAGE ep23: no one can afford to wait for you to grow up, Asemu. #anime

March 18, 2012 1 comment

First and foremost, for all those who followed Gundam AGE from the beginning, Grodek has finally been released from prison! Woo-hoo! It makes sense since the Vagan’s have been causing so much trouble lately. I don’t know what did it, maybe enough of the old brass died off to allow for his release. Or maybe Flit was able to finally pull enough strings. It doesn’t matter because at least the old badass didn’t have to die in that prison and is finally getting some of the respect that was due to him.

Something else long overdue is Zeheart catching flack for being such poor commander. Read more…

#PenguinDrum ep20: Mr. Happy Pants! Nooo! This world is far more twisted than I previously believed. #anime

December 21, 2011 1 comment

So this episode answered a lot of the questions I was asking in the previous post. Shouma really is her “fated” person. A phrase and ideal I will once again say I hate. And I’m not saying that because I’m butthurt about Kanba potentially not getting with Himari. Though a lot of information has at this point, not only sunk in, but settled.

Himari really isn’t a blood relation. She’s been adopted basically, which makes Kanba’s lust for her more palpable, somewhat. It also seems that (as I said in the title) this world is far more twisted than I realized. I thought the boiler room, and that area behind the library were all part of some pseudo-reality. I believed they were all accessed through some portal, like the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. But it seems that I was dead wrong. Shouma and Kanba’s dad knew all about it. That boiler room is a real and tangible place that people know of and accept. That’s horrible! Hundreds of these kids, just thrown away and converted into nothingness. An unseen force. I wonder… are the penguins the result of the boiler room? Or am I taking this too far?

I’ve gone on quite the little marathon with this show since the long hiatus I put it on months ago. I thought I wouldn’t really understand this show until a second watch, and that may still be true. But it doesn’t seem that my less than perfect understanding of this show has prevented me from fully enjoying it. It seems that all I needed was a little patience and the show would come to me. Im getting it! Im finally getting it. And I may have finally found the one show this year that rivals anything I’ve seen in anime, depending on how it ends of course.

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#GundamAGE ep11: I got a somewhat bad Four Murasume vibe from Flit’s encounter with Yurin. #anime

December 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Seeing as how Newtypes and Cyber-Newtypes are the only things I can compare the UE to, tha’s the best comparison I can come up with for now. Those moments between the two seemed a little bit rushed. But the alternative probably would’ve been two episodes without any real action in a row.

It looks like the Feddies aren’t completely hands off when it comes to this situation. They can’t afford to send any soldiers to help take care of the UE, but they definitely have spare time and resources to
court-martial a rogue commander. They’re right there to get in the way of Grodek’s plans.

Which brings up something that baffles me. I don’t see why the crew helping him would be rebels and accomplices now, when they’ve been helping him all this time. Sure, the Feddies might not have known they were willing participants, but that still seems to reasonable for how the Earth governments usually handle these situations. I’m expecting a little more corruption and sloth here.

Finally, it seems we have quite a bit of sexual attraction brewing on the ship. A pair of love triangles even. It makes me a bit weary because depending on how dark the show wants to be, these things can be farmed and cultivated for later emotional currency and shock value down the line. I can almost guarantee that it’s been done in every major Gundam series aired. Darker shows like Zeta and Victory abused this technique. I think only G Gundam (unless you count the man-love between Domon and Master Aisha) avoided pulling this trick.
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