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Wooo! It’s back! Season 4 is here!

November 24, 2013 Leave a comment

As you can guess from me having a blog about Japanese animation, I’m a huge fan of the art form. And I’m not some snobby otaku who only cares for material for Japan either.  My love of animation started with American 80s cartoons of the best and worst quality. But for a very long time, I’d all but abandoned American cartoons and animation, with a few exceptions. Which is why I’m glad I’ve been able to come back in the past few and really enjoy some outstanding stuff. Whether it be the legacy of DC and Marvel’s animated movies (Flashpoint is outstanding) or TV series (Young Justice needs to be given a second chance); to me even enjoying stuff that my kids found first (Adventure Time and Regular Show); I’ve enjoyed this newer, higher quality, more imaginative Western animation. But for, the pinnacle has always been My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. That’s right! I’m a damned brony! I don’t wear the T-shirts.  I don’t buy the toys.  And I don’t look a pony pr0n.  But I love the show dearly.  Curse my existence now, and get it out of your system.

For now, all I want to say is that season 4 has finally begun. And I don’t know if this will be the last season or not, but I’m pretty hyped for it! And I know this is probably asking a big favor of anyone reading this, because I doubt most of you watch the show, let a lone care for it, but give it a chance. Just give it one episode. I know its a strange request, like asking someone to watch one of the Precure series, Naruto or Dragonball Z. It comes with all sorts of stereotypes and negative heresay, but I’m one for a quality animated show. And at its basest level, this is a quality show. Now that I got that out of the way, I can go back to my regularly scheduled anime coverage.

Note: the video above is from Digibrony.  I’m particularly a fan of of analytic style of review, especially for this series.  And if you become a fan of the show, or just want to know what makes the show so great, I suggest you check out his Youtube channel.  He can explain it as well as anybody.

Blog Update: an unfortunate series of events and failures

November 19, 2013 Leave a comment

I got apologize to those that regularly visit my little blog. Despite going on vacation this weekend and the soon coming addition to the family, I was hoping to use my iPad to still get some work done. But a combination of sickness just before my vacation (bird flu?), and a failure of a certain app to be updated properly put any of those plans to a stop.

Seriously, how do you have a major iOS app that people have paid for, and don’t update it for the newest version? Even after that version has been around long enough to get three updates? Ugh! Next vacation, I’m sticking with Goodreader (not a sponsor), and relying on nothing else. Regardless, I’ll be doing my best to get back up to speed. That means KILL LA KILL, Golden Time, bad female wrestling anime, Ars Nova and everything else.

Thanks for giving me the time to explain my lack of content.

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quick Minor Announcement

July 10, 2013 2 comments

I’m sure anyone regularly following my little blog has taken notice of the ridiculous pace at which I’ve been posting. And while that’s partially do to just trying out what appears to be a ridiculously stacked Summer season, it’s also cause I just love the excitement and mystery of new anime. But I also have other hobbies, I’m a big fan of tech and video games, as well. And this weekend EVO will be streaming. The biggest fighting game tournament – IN THE WORLD! And I get hyped for it every year! Matter of fact, its inspired me to pick up Super Street Fighter IV AE again and practice my Yang (one day ill share my PSN ID with you guys). And it will be taking a lot of my attention during what free time I can manage this weekend.

So I will still be doing my best to catch the second episodes of most of the anime I covered from the first week of Summer 2013, as well as continuing *Majestic Prince* and *Attack on Titan* (god I love those shows). All that stuff may just be delayed until Monday and after.

It’s a fun, interesting summer and I hope to be doing a lot during it. Hope you guys understand.

Also of note, I’ve been thinking of expanding the blog a bit, and reaching out to other bloggers. So who knows, maybe when my schedule gets normalized (if ever), you’ll catch me on a podcast sometime.

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By the gods-!

Sorry guys, had to stop everything I was doing when someone sent me this!  Maybe only some of the old heads from the NES era will get the significance of this, but this brings a tear to my eye.  Man, I hope Capcom gives the original Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers game this treatment.

THE Moon Theme - Orchestrated

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#AllStarSuperman: this is the best I’ve seen a animated Superman story done.

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

And this had one of the best endings to a movie I’ve seen.   That’s pretty high praise. Read more…

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