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Plastic Memories ep10: the most important things

I’ve waited quite a while for some of the moments in this episode.  Characters needed to hash things out and confess their true feelings.  But while it’s clear things are winding down towards the end, it doesn’t feel like a mad dash to make the most of the limited time Isla has left.  This has been a rich, emotional experience that wasted little in effort to make this episode work.

Painting Kazuki as the bad guy in this situation is easy.  She just walks back into Tsukasa and Isla’s lives and just tells them to split up.  There’s no real explanation.  She just forces the issue.  I was slightly miffed and annoyed by this at first.  How hard is it to actually explain why you’re making things moves?  Instead she conjures up some bullsh*t excuse that no one but her has cared about until now.  The rule of not dating coworkers is something no one else seem to know or care about.  So it goes to show that she throws some heavy weight around the office.

What got me to change my opinion about her was her sly and light-handed approach to the situation afterwards.  We learn that she doesn’t really have an issue with Tsukasa.  Her issue is with Isla and how she’s handling the situation.  And she confronts Isla on this in a couple of ways.  First she has Isla tackle the task of retrieving a Giftia that has long served as the body guard for a mafia boss in town.  The Giftia and the mafia boss had a long standing professional relationship that clearly had some personal touches to it.  The Giftia was far more devoted to the mafia boss than a normal plutonic guard would be.  Before retrieving her, Isla was tasked with spending the remaining time for the Giftia at the mansion.  Isla trumps this by telling the mafia boss to hang with them as well.

Through this, Kazuki shows her how precious the time ppl who love each other share is.  This leads to a confrontation after the mission that was a long time coming!  We learn that it wasn’t Kazuki who actually started their department’s controversial techniques of retrieval, it was Isla.  Isla was the one who pushed to consider the feelings of those involved in the retrieval.  No one else went along with it.  But it was only after Kazuki and Isla’s break up that the policy was pushed through everyone through Kazuki.

More importantly though, Kazuki breaks through Isla’s stubborn wall.  She calls Isla out for making the same mistake Kazuki made years ago when she dissolved their partnership.  Isla’s been clearly trying to distance herself from Tsukasa to keep from hurting his feelings.  And Kazuki doesn’t want her to make that same mistake and leave him with nothing but bad feelings and memories.  That is what this harsh treatment is doing to him.  It’s ruining the gift of her time and attention that she once lovingly gave to him.

In the end, this is what broke Isla down and made her give in to her feelings.  The scene where she confronts him and returns his feelings is just a beautiful, awkward scene.  It kinda gave me a similar feeling that I got from Angel Beats.

What a great and emotional episode.  I loved seeing Kazuki and Isla finally have at it after all these years.  It seemed so weird that they never really addressed that situation after all this time.  But it makes more sense now that Tsukasa has changed Isla for the better.  It opened their eyes to what was right and what was wrong.  You shouldn’t shy away from the truth, or the opportunity to spend quality time with the one you love.  It’s such a bittersweet situation that I’m glad I got to see such a sweet moment.  It’s still sad, but there are still happy times to remember.  And that’s the whole point of this show.

My hope continues to be that this show stays true to its core message of making peace with your end and goodbyes, and finding joy instead in the great memories of those people you’ve lost.  That of course means the harshest truth.  Isla still has to “die”.  And by that, I mean she doesn’t magically come back in another body.  If her body is reused for a new Giftia, that Giftia doesn’t magically get her memories back.  And Tsukasa doesn’t run off with her and end up getting Isla completely wiped.  That would be a true disaster.

It’s all set in stone.  I want them to have their remaining happy moments.  I want that moment like from Chrono Crusade where a happy and sad contentment falls on the death of characters.  Good lord….  I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about that ending.  I don’t know how I’m gonna handle the last episode of this show.

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