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Kyoukai no Rinne ep6 & 7: because I’m petty!

The world is expanding rapidly. For awhile I thought the after life was just the after life in this world. But we have a hell to look forward to, along with demons who seem to have an interesting purpose and position in this universe.

Did I just say we can look forward to Hell? Oh well, it’s all relative.

Episode 6

What a nasty set of surprises in this episode.  From the ancient evil cat spirits, to false reapers attempting to claim children’s souls, to Tsubasa coming to grips with Sakura and her affection for Rinne; there’s a bit going on in this episode.  And I enjoyed it, despite it being rather inconsequential in the end.

For me, the exciting part was seeing someone who could be this show’s first Big Bad.  A character that could drive a deeper set of episodes in an interesting arc.  And from the looks of it, he may be a relative of Rinne’s.  May he be his father, or a brother we’ve not heard about?  I’m sure it will be awhile before we find out.  Still, I want to see something like that pop up badly.  These episodic excursions are nice.   They’re not spectacular or hype in any way, but they’re quite effective in establishing Rinne’s character and Sakura’s usefulness and affection towards him.

Rinne is showing that while he may not exactly be a cool or smooth character, he’s a dedicated and reliable friend and hero.  Despite being destitute, he doesn’t let anything stand in the way of his job.  Even if it means begging a woman for money.  Given the pedigree of this show, I won’t say I’m excited to see the relationship evolve, because I may not be able to stick around long enough to see its conclusion.  But I can believe him as a love interest for a smart woman.  He’s got good qualities to him.

Note: those cat spirits looked scary as sh*t man!  Maybe it’s just me, but my first instinct is to run away from that.

Episode 7

As a character, I can’t say I really care for Masato. Whether it comes to character design or personality, he just strikes me as a villain. A rather plain villain if not for his quirks. His sh*tty spelling, his petty nature, his pompous attitude; it’s like he’s a wrestler with a very thin persona based on silly things. Though for comedy’s sake, he’s a pretty good foil. This episode had a few good laugh out loud moments, mostly involving the reveal of his history with Rokudou. It really paints the two as opposing forces and opposites.

Despite Rokudou being a reaper (kinda), he holds high value on life and works very hard to keep things that should be alive, alive.  Should that are alive should not be reaped, nor coerced or corrupted to do so.  But Masato being a demon had his own goals and assignments.  And when he failed them, he was thoroughly punished.  And in true demon form, he focuses on the nastiest ways to get his revenge.  They clashed so often, that I was beginning to wonder if Rokudou was using Masato to find those in need of help.

The episode itself was pretty fun despite my lack of convincing that Masato is much of a villain.  He’s more of henchman at this point, and not the big bad I was hoping for.  But if the show can still pull an interesting and funny episode from his misadventures, then I don’t mind at all.

I find it much more important to see a new type of character and a new sub-world opening up to us to see and learn about for the first time.  The beginning of this show looked very small and simple.  It’s not a strike against a show, but if this is supposed to be a long running series of any interest it will have to diversify and expand.

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