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Plastic Memories ep9: when sparing feelings is the same as hurting them

This show sure likes its cliffhangers.  Almost as much as it likes to waste my time.  Though the show is attempting to address some immediate questions.  I just wish this show could juggle more than one topic at a time.  I only care to watch two young adults mope about for so long.

This episode certainly felt like a let down compared to the one before.  Episode 8 did so much to address my concerns with the show.  It felt like a solid step forward.  This episode felt much more like a circular path, where by the end you are essentially left back at square one.  All episode, we see Tsukasa and Isla moping about, and the office talking amongst each other over the hop topic of the moment.  And to make matters especially awkward, we get to see Michiru f*ck up the vibe for everyone for most of the episode.

Michiru’s always been blunt, tackless and a busybody know-it-all despite her age, barely superior level of experience and penchant for being wrong.  So I found myself not caring for her at all throughout most of the episode.  She just assumes Tsukasa f*cked up royally when it came to him proposing to Isla at the carnival.  But he couldn’t have done things more appropriately.  And yet she still forces herself to believe and say that he was deficient in some way.  And she spends an extraordinary amount of effort trying to patch things up between them.  And in the end, it didn’t really matter.  The only thing that truly changed is that she found out that Isla has only a month left to exist.  And she would have found out that fact eventually anyway!

The only thing that “moved the needle” was seeing Kazuki dissolve their professional partnership.  I assume this is another attempt of her’s to rectify a situation through detachment.  And I’m afraid she’s repeating the step she made with Isla when they were partners to spare Tsukasa.

I really want this show to dig deeper into Kazuki”s character.  She’s been the core factor in so many parts of this show.  She was Isla’s ex-partner whose own dissolving of the relationship and detachment gave Isla the personality and world outlook she has now.  That disolvement was spurred on by her being forced to track down and “kill” Michiru’s “father” alone.  The way their Terminal Services branch works is completely different because of her and her alone.  She’s far too important a character right now for us to know so little about her.  If this show addresses that, I believe we’ll get the whole picture and a satisfying conclusion.  After that, it should just be about Tsukasa and Isla being honest and courageous in her final hours.  I won’t go into how I think the show will end, but I do fear that’ll give in near the end and try to “save” her.  And though that would be dramatic, I think it would be a poor way for this show to finish.

Overall, not in love with this episode at all.  I felt I would have been more satisfied if this series of events had occurred in half the time, with less of the poor comedy that this show generally has.

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