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Plastic Memories ep8: come to terms, with the moment

Another slightly rough watch.

I just recently got done watching a show where people were fighting for the rights to keep their homes from being demolished.  Every last one of those people fought with passion to the thing they worked so hard to gain.  And most lost, and some lost more than their homes.  All consumed with the goal of keeping the supplemental thing they had rightfully worked so hard to maintain, they lost their primary goals and dreams.  Their wives & families left, their money for retirement shrank away.  Others lost their homes and cling to the only thing they had left, their partners.  In the end, Tsukasa is going to have to come to terms with his eventual loss and cherish what he has while he still has it.

This episode did exactly what I wanted the next episode to do, which was move forward.  We’re introduced to a new character, Andie.  She’s an employee of an adjacent Terminal Services department that has come to find another owner who has gone rogue with their Giftia.  Tsukasa and Isla are assigned to her, and while she mentioned that their a bit weird as far as partners go, it’s not nearly as weird as her encounter with Eru, who mistakes her for a former partner/friend.  Eru is so weird and lecherous that I’m usually confused about her relationships with females, even if they rebuff her.  The real kicker here is that Andie is a Giftia who shares the body of a long passed Giftia named Olivia, one Eru used to be very close to.  All this happens at the perfect time, as Tsukasa is beginning to feel desperate about Tsukasa’s situation, asking others if Giftia can ever regain memories from their past life.  What Tsukasa (and I to a certain extent) did not realize is that their personalities aren’t just wiped.  They are totally replaced.  A completely different OS is put into a body.  In essence, a soul is removed from a body and replaced with another.  It’s a different person entirely.  Tsukasa is just failing or refusing to grasp this.

Andie and Eru coincidentally striking up a relationship is the perfect way to show Tsukasa how flawed his hopes and ideas about Giftia are.  Through Eru, he learns about his possible future.  And through Eru, he learns that he should be focusing less on how to “save” or “resurrect” Isla.  Now this is still anime, so almost anything goes.  There may still be a chance that Tsukasa is a special princess and can get the impossible thing that he badly wants.  But for now, I anticipate him being a man at the end and accepting what’s been predetermined since long before he showed up.

I was pleasantly surprised by Eru this episode.  For the most part, she’s just been a pair of boobs grabbing other boobs.  It’s the kinda character I get very annoyed by; incredibly unrealistic, one dimensional and loud.  But in this episode, we do get to see her connection to the Giftia.  It’s not just about being a great engineer.  She has attached feeling for these machines, as well.  It was a little rough watching her struggle to differentiate her experiences and memories with the Giftia she once loved, with this totally different Giftia she’s learning now.  It really does strike home that there is a different “person” in the same body.  It is an incredibly harsh reality, especially if you wish to view Giftia like humans.  Could you imagine closely, evenly intimately knowing someone for years, then suddenly they are a completely different person who has never met you before?

The big payoff (and let down) for this episode is when at the carnival, Tsukasa finally confesses his love for Isla.  It was a great moment, a moment completely destroyed when she turns him down!  I’m not taking this too seriously, as Isla likely cares for Tsukasa the same way.  But she likely doesn’t want to hurt him with their quickly oncoming departure.  So I’m sure this will be properly addressed in the next episode.

Overall, it was a good heart-wrenching episode of Plastic Memories.  Not too much time was wasted on any one thing.  The world gets fleshed out a little bit more, along with some of its characters.  The show even took time to show how the Terminal Services world really works, as everyone else in the company in that department is far more ruthless and pragmatic.  Ripping apart memories seems to be what they do, and they don’t shy away from it.  Whatever happens in the future, Tsukasa should count himself as lucky to have loved and known Isla, as well as to be working with such a nice group of people.

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