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Sound! Euphonium ep5: they’re awesome!

This show is being enjoyed by me in the most nostalgic and biased way possible.  It’s hard to look on something that romances and plays to (pun intended) the most positive memories of your adolescence.  But glancing past my rose-colored lenses, I am enjoying seeing this simple story of coming of age and independence unfold.  Kumiko has hitched her hopes and dreams to nothing, something unproven totally.  And in the end, that may pay off the most.

Silly annual physical scenes aside, this episode got me excited to see how this previously haphazard band was coming along.  And we’re not left with much of a mystery for long.  The students have changed into dedicated, hard working musicians.  And you see the anticipation and excitement and hope build as each step progresses further.  From receiving the uniforms, to the grueling repetitive practices in the heat, the actual packing of instruments and students onto the bus to the event; it all builds nicely.  And then when they play-!  Yes!  It was nice to see that little triumph.  It was nice to see the crowd acknowledge that they were now taking notice, when they didn’t before!

What I find also satisfying is to see the silly rift between Kumiko and Reina dissolve bit by bit.  Though it’s ridiculously awkward, the walls of misunderstanding are progressively coming down.  Like the band, they’re coming together, bonding through shared time and sweat.

I guess the only flaw is that this episode was pretty devoid of conflict.  If anything, it seems this show has the current band coming to grips with its disastrous past and the people around it.  Right now, the band has already far surpassed the one from last year.  But with what appears to be a similar group in charge, you have to wonder what the deciding factor is.  The relationship between Asuka and Haruki seemed to be an important part of that.  It seems very much like their roles are reversed from what you’d expect them to be, with the shy one being the president and the outgoing one being the vice-president.  It’s even more glaring a dichotomy when you see Asuka is the drum major – the leader of the band on the field!

The past of this band seems to be the more interesting situation, as the present for the current students is smoothing out nicely.  I don’t doubt that at some point these two things will come to a head.

For now, I’m getting out of here and replaying that scene with band playing and marching.  It gets my hyped!

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