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Plastic Memories ep7: waste not, what little time you have

I can imagine this episode didn’t meet with a ton of favorable reviews. I’ve already heard quite a few complaints about how weak and flawed this show’s narrative has been. And all the fluff in this episode doesn’t help my defense of it any.

Much of this episode somewhat bored me, while I generally appreciate character development, sometimes a simple situation can be stretched out.  The whole situation with Tsukasa attempting to ask out Isla, and then Isla and girls talking over how the date should go felt elongated to me.  Everything was done to keep this a self contained episode, not showing much in the way of a reaction to Tsukasa knowing of Isla’s soon coming demise.

I do find a couple of this to be intriguing, the first being Isla’s surprisingly neutral yet strong emotional response to the amusement park.  On one hand, it was home to a singular traumatic event, which was the dissolving of her partnership with Kazuki by Kazuki’s will.  On the other hand, she seems to genuinely enjoy seeing groups of happy people just being around each other.  It seemed like a decent pay off to see the couple actually spend time together on a date.  I was for sure that some terrible event would come and ruin the whole thing.  And that brings me to the second intriguing event.

Tsukasa is a surprisingly frail dude.  I thought his appendicitis was just a case of extremely unfortunate luck.  Put aside the absurdity of there being no excuses for someone to retake a test, even in the event of hospitalization, and you begin to see a faintly painted picture of sickly and unlucky soul.  Unfortunately, two events do not make for a pattern.  We can’t divulge anything from this aside from his potential exhaustion due to working too hard with too little calories to support him.

Other than that, not really much happened, and there was no progression in the plot – only time.  And while time is of the essence in this story, it still doesn’t count as plot.

I feel that I may be making the same mistake I’ve made with other shows with interesting concepts.  This show may not get anywhere close to the hard sci-fi that I wish to see from it.  The show may be taking advantage of the proven desire of anime fans to fall in love with a soulless red-eyed, blue-haired doll.  And if that were the case, I would find it quite hard to not be bitter.  The mere concept is too good and has too much potential to just be a mere romcom with a penchant for yanking tears out of your eyes.

In the future, I will continue to hope that this show attempts to sure up its world building, its sci-fi and answer some hard questions.  We’re far past the point of understanding between these main characters.  The show has to go deeper.  If not, the little time this show has left will be wasted.

Note:  good lord, the animation seemed really uneven and terrible in parts of this episode.  It’s one thing when it’s Michiru’s crazy faces.  I continue to be entertained by those.  But some characters, especially Isla, just looked grossly off-model.

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