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Your Lie in April ep10: for the one you love (pt2)

That was amazing!  Emotion from start to finish.

I feel like I’m watching something unique, even after declaring this show a sports anime.  The battles taking place here take place under a similar structure to a shounen or sports series, but with their unique twist of music in a competitive setting.  And even more uniquely, we see Kousei struggling all alone for an extended period of time.

I struggle to find something to say about this episode despite how much I enjoyed it.  In the beginning, we get some inspirational words from Watari and then we see Kousei struggling along and slowly falling apart as his ability to hear his playing begins to fade away again.  And it’s telling to see just how confused all of the audience is at his performance.  Most in the crowd just don’t know what’s going on, while the knowledgeable experts are more puzzled by Kousei’s inconsistency.  Two years ago this would be unfathomable, now Kousei is banging on the keys like a nervous amateur.  The only surprise for me though was when Kousei cold stopped his performance for a moment.

As we learned during the last competition, when you stop your performance, it’s over for you.  You won’t be judged no matter what you do.  So for a moment there was a period of almost mourning from his friends.  But then the beauty starts, and he discovers a proper reason for playing.

I love that he found a moment and a reason to finally play from the heart.  It shows that in the end he’s capable of more than what he previously accomplished.  No matter what anyone else took out of it, it’s clear that Kousei is capable of conquering his fears and failings with Kaori’s help.

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