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Sound! Euphonium ep3: what’s the point?!

This was frustrating.  It’s one of the oldest conflicts there can be in a school.  Group activities.  On one hand, the minority won the vote due to the lazy and ambivalent people, but now the minority is at a disadvantage because the lazy people are dragging down everyone with them.  What’s needed here is strong leadership and maturity.  And as we’re slowly learning, the people running the band aren’t strong leaders and we’re not dealing with a whole lot of mature people.

Overall, this was just a frustrating watch.  It’s not because the episode was bad at all, it’s just so damned realistic.  I already knew the band was bad, but assumed it was due to a lack of talent.  But they are failing bad at the beginning at grasping even the most essential tasks when it comes to playing in a group.  I can’t even fathom complaining to someone seriously about practicing in a section!  That’s ridiculous!  You should master your part individually and in a section before attempting to play the whole thing as a complete ensemble!  As I hear these students complain, I keep thinking, “Who the hell are you to question the advisor?! – a man who has dedicated himself to this “hobby” of yours!  If I think about any of my other instructors in the past, they would have reamed these little sh*ts for being terrible on an elementary level!

I could only imagine how someone who is driven would handle this situation in real life.  Reina’s screams are one of the tamest things I could think of happening in this situation.  The lazy people in this group are just being allowed to do and come and go as they please.  They’re sucking the life out of the hopes and dreams of those that dare to have them in this show.

Ugh!  I left this episode pissed!

There were other things that happened in this episode, but I was someone blinded by my rage when I grasped what was going on in this group.  For one, we have the wonderful scenes where we see the first year people learn about circular breathing, something I’d like to see everyone try.  Then we have Kumiko’s weird struggle with her place and even her level of dedication to the band.  One moment, she’s brimming with pride over the instrument she holds – the other we see her bubbling over in frustration with it.  But overall, nothing even starts until this group of fools learns to turn things around.  Someone has to take control, or the disaster they spoke of from the previous year will only repeat.

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