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Plastic Memories ep6: an earnest heart

I could sh*t on Tsukasa’s character if I wanted to for being another bland male lead protagonist design.  But I think I’d like this cliche kinda character in a similar circumstance.  When you’re facing a tough situation, you need someone earnest, naive and brave.  In hard times, you need a hero and you need someone to be as human possible.  After all, it takes courage face hard choices and situations.  I can’t imagine much that would be harder than facing and accepting imminent death.

I found it a bit silly that things turned out as well as they did after the last episode.  A child was choked out by his Giftia on a rooftop on the seedy side of town!  It’s preposterous to me that they could even say things about “no civilians being involved”, or about things turning out for the best.  That poor kid has to face his best friend dying in the worst way.  But that’s just another one of the weird dissonances that plague this show.  I’ll continue to persevere through them.

What we get to open the show is another flashback, this time giving us a better understanding of how the past events of of Isla and Kazuki’s partnership fit in with this incident and the disaster that happened a few years back with Marcia and her “father”.  The incident with Marcia’s father was partially caused by Marcia’s stubborn, childish stupidity, but Isla’s absence at the time due to “reasons” also affected the outcome.  Kazuki ended up having her lower leg smashed so completely that it had to be amputated.  And after that, Kazuki chose to forego the partnership.  The bad part is that despite that, they still work rather closely together.  And you see how it’s had a very rough effect on Isla, while I suspect that Kazuki may be trying to cope through her terrible drinking habits.  Though those sh*tty drinking habits may be due to just her rough personality.

Things slowly turn back to normal as Isla receives routine maintenance until she can fully return to work.  Meanwhile, Tsukasa has been bravely facing up to his failure.  While Isla attempts to understand how Tsukasa and other humans can forget about terrible things happening, she learns through watching him and some of Marcia’s words that he’s not forgetting, but coping.  Tears were still shed, and what happens won’t fade from his mind, but life goes on.

In the end, there’s still one more thing for Tsukasa to grasp.  Kazuki sits him down for a private meeting at the end of the work day.  Outside, Isla waits because she’s wondering why he hasn’t come back home, yet.  Kazuki breaks it down to Tsukasa that Isla essentially has 41 days left to live.  At that time, she’ll be retrieved like any other Giftia.  With that knowledge, she gives him the option to break off the partnership and wait for a new Giftia to be assigned.  Tsukasa bravely stands by Isla, saying he’ll be with her to the end.  I think the best part was seeing Isla’s stunned and happy face outside the building.  Afterwards, it was clear that she’d do her best to give Tsukasa the world.

I was really worried early in this episode that this episode would be all fluff after the heavy emotional disaster of the previous week.  Just seeing that ridiculous series of scenes where Eru was dragging Isla around to stalk Tsukasa made me think this would be garbage, but it did lead somewhere.  And it turned out to be a good source of comedic brevity and fresh air for the rougher parts.  The flashbacks strung together to see how and why Kazuki broke up with Isla was rough.  The scene where Tsukasa had to apologize to the young boy and tell him that he wouldn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Marcia was very rough.  And the scene where Kazuki had to break down the extremely short amount of time he had left with Isla was just hard to watch.  Tsukasa took it pretty hard for a moment.  But seeing him face that situation head on, despite the terrible heartbreak that was to come was great.  Seeing Isla’s reaction was great.  And seeing the adorable scene of Isla just begging Tsukasa to let her do whatever she could for him was the best.

The world building in this show is good.  The emotional moments of this show are very well done.  The only glaring weakness for me continues to be some immersion breaking screw ups in logic and set up in this show.  Some situations and rules are really too idealized for their own good.  I can’t imagine how they’ve managed to avoid lawyers and police so far through this entire show.  And I’m left again wondering if this will be something addressed before it ends.  Other than that, I’m just left hoping Tsukasa and Isla find happiness before this all ends.

Note:  I do wonder if the reason Yasutaka was badgering Tsukasa to come to the bar so badly with him was to get him talking with their boss or their bosses boss anyway, Godou?  I imagine that this isn’t the end of their troubles.  I’m curious about that, and the relationship that those two old friends have.

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