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Your Lie in April ep8: let it ring

I didn’t know this was a sport anime, but this really is a sports anime!  How did I not see this before?!  The romancing of the art, the stories that come with every new character that enters the scene, the incredible emphasis on rivalries and inspiration; It’s a freaking sports anime man.  It’s a sports anime filled with shoujo sparkles and musical notes.  And with that perspective, I think I can go into this show with renewed vigor.

Last episode, much emphasis was beginning to be placed on the two new characters of Takeshi and Emi.  There’s nothing left for Kousei to do at this point except play the f*cking music.  What we get for the meantime is quite a bit of exposition and feels for our two new characters.  It’s really all quite straight forward.

Takeshi is a higher competitive prodigy, and when he witnessed the young Arima play he was inspired to make him is rival and follow him with all his heart and soul.  And all these long (two) years, he’s continued to compete in Japan earnestly in hopes of one day facing Kousei again and defeating him – in PIANY!  Is piany a word?  I’ll be impressed if it is (checks internet)…  Nope!  It’s nothing good anyway.  A whole bunch of bullsh*t about lawyers and insurance.  And something about playing crappy pianos in saloons.  That is not what I’m looking for.

Anyway, Takeshi is this fiery prodigy who has chased Kousei for years, even though he’s been nonexistent for much of that time.  Emi interestingly is the same, but different.  While she too was inspired by Kousei, and she burns with a passion, too.  She appears to have had an ongoing crush for him since the moment she inspired him.  In a weird and roundabout way, she sees the style she plays as a defense and counterpoint to Kousei’s style, and the criticism that has befallen him for his flawless style.

Another interesting point of divergence for the two characters is how Takeshi has been consistently brilliant, despite having a personality that you think would be all over the place.  He’s had one intense fire burning this entire time, non-stop.  But Emi has been waning in Kousei’s absence.  She performs well, to brilliantly, to just plain average in competitions currently.  Her instructor has seen it as quite a chore to keep her motivated.  But here, at this point with Kousei in attendance, she explodes in a brilliant performance that enchants the crowd.

As if things weren’t worrisome enough for Kousei, his fellow prodigees have set the bar and expect him to meet or exceed it easily.  Rumours and a hiatus be damned, Kousei is expected to answer their best in kind.

Good luck buddy.

Note: it’s intriguing to see Kaori’s reaction to Emi’s play.  I believe that she senses the passion for Kousei in the notes.  She sees something similar in Emi.  So I’m curious why she doesn’t look happier when she realizes this?

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