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Kyoukai no Rinne ep4: I wanna be the guy-!

Adorable.  I’m have more fun watching this than I expected.  But I have been a sucker for Rumiko Takahashi’s set ups before.  Maybe I’ll always fall for them.  Jumonji is what’s important this time around.  Romantic rivals always make things more interesting.  The formula never dies.  In a way, you can say it’s forever being reincarnated.

I thought for sure I’d be angry if I came a cross an episode that didn’t even mention Tamako, but here we are and I got no complaints.  This time around we meet Jumonji, the new transfer student.  And since he’s a transfer student showing up in the middle of the year, of course he’s gonna be a weirdo.

We see Jumonji’s approach to things early when he wastes no time attacking Rokudou as he’s attempting to catch a wandering spririt.  A rope dart and holy ash are his weapons of choice, and he uses them on instinct.  This brash, harsh and quick approach is almost as prevalent in his introduction to Sakura’s class.  He’s introduced to everyone, but all he cares about is Sakura.  His first moves are to walk up to her and practically declare his love, asking to go out with her in less than a minute.  Of course this is high school, so everyone’s shocked, the girls are in a flutter, and Rokudou comes in just in time to interrupt things.

Predictably, Sakura doesn’t have much of a reaction and fails to initially respond to him.  Instead, she later attempts to join Rokudou for one of his hunts, but he’s oddly standoffish and basically shoos her away into Jumonji’s arms.

The rest of the episode revolves around a triple date involving the three of them, the wandering spirit from the beginning of the episode and two of Sakura’s friends.  Rokudou tries to pretend that he’s not interested in Sakura’s affections almost as hard as he tries to pretend that spending all this money at a fair isn’t killing him.  Jumonji says he’s only there to make sure the spirit gets sent on its way and doesn’t turn evil.  But all he really cares about is wooing Sakura.  And Sakura does her best to pretend not to care about any of this while she longingly sneaks looks at Rokudou.  It’s stupid teenage love at its… finest?  It’s hard to say.  It’s all painful to watch, but still entertaining.  Rokudou is so poor, that even an excursion like this is likely like signing up for a bad college loan.  All through out, he’s crying tears of blood, and trying to penny pinch and maximize every investment.

In the end, the spirit happily moves on, Sakura’s idiot friends grasp with the prospect of hanging out with a ghost, Rokudou is successful in showing Jumonji how he works and how he can be successful doing it, and Sakura is pleasantly happy and satisfied with the ugly stuffed toy Rokudou won her.  It’s a cute little episode overall, that does a decent job introducing another character and pushing Rokudou and Sakura’s relationship a little farther.  At the very least, it’s clear that they do have burgeoning feelings for each other.

I’m still waiting to see what the main conflict, or first major conflict of this story will be.  So far, there’s not much in the way of danger in these episodes.  We’ve gotten some angry, overgrown spirits, but they’ve all been jokes in the end – complete one hit pushovers.  I’d very much like to see things kicked up a notch.

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