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Kyoukai no Rinne ep3: it’s all about meeting that quota

This is damn near depressing. But I suppose the afterlife wasn’t set up for a half-breed and his problems. I have to wonder why being poor makes for so much more excellent entertainment? It sure as hell doesn’t work out that way in real life. My inability to buy a Kudos bar and soda back in the day wouldn’t entertain my own mother.


From the very beginning, the look on Tamako’s face should’ve let me know she was up to mischief, purposeful or not.  The mystery behind Rinne’s origins is mostly solved here, as we see in this episode how Rinne came to be – sort of.  And we have a mischievous cat to thank for it all.  Can’t remember I gave a dumb cat credit for much of anything.

One half of the story is told by Rinne, as he explains how his mother ( a full shinigami) showed up to reap the soul of a sickly man with but a minute left to live.  True to the form of a god, she succumbs to his human handsomeness and throws all sense out of the window.  She bargains to give the man an extra fifty years of life and marries him A.S.A.P.!  Unfortunately, she does like so many black parents do with their kids, she opens up a line of credit in someone else’s name.  Part of her bargain for his extra life is to have her grandchildren take over part of her work if she’s unable to handle exponentially higher quota placed upon her.  Does she meet the quota?  Of course not, or else there wouldn’t be a story!  Hence why her half-blood grandson is left in over his head with shinigami work.

The other half is explained by Rokumon, the mischievous black cat spirit that has been hanging around him lately.  Turns out that he’s not really suited to shinigami work, since he doesn’t have the natural tools that they have.  So he has to go about dealing with the problem with tools he has to buy.  These tools are expensive, and his work is time consuming; hence why he uses the thermometer box for offerings and salary.  His somewhat unscrupulous ways can be seen as more forgivable in this context, especially in comparison to his far more unscrupulous black cat guest.  Rokumon sees no issue with stacking the deck in order to get more work and meet a quota.  He even shows up a food meant to empower and embolden evil spirits, so that they terrorize the populace.  This makes the shinigami seem more important, and increases the pay, offerings and jobs.  Though, it’s still pretty sh*tty that he’s willing to scare or endanger humans for a commission.

I don’t know whether to think Rokumon and Rinne make a good, or horrible team.  Everything that happened that was bad this episode was the fault of one or the other.  Rinne never investigated the rat spirit that was skalking the clubhouse he was squatting in, and Rokumon’s stupid evil spirit food turned it into a terror that attacked dozens of people and beat Rinne’s ass.  Though on the positive side, Rokumon was able to stomp the emboldened rat spirit single-handedly (as a cat spirit should do to a rat spirit), and he saved Rinne some money and an ass whooping, too.

In the end, Rinne sees the benefit of having Rokumon around with some insight and insistence from Sakura.  She takes a liking too him after learning his plight.  After all we learn that he used to work for Tamako, but was fired not too long ago.  Though I still think he’s a trouble maker, and that he was probably fired for that very trait.  I can at least rest somewhat happy that he’s not getting a great job by working for Rinne, who is at the very bottom of the shinigami totem pole.

A pretty good episode for one that was mainly dedicated to introducing a new, seemingly minor character and shoving some exposition at us.  I think this show is slowly growing on me.  I find myself interested more and more in seeing Rinne work off his lowly debt, and using Sakura’s wallet as his way to tap into more power.  It’s an interesting concept and set-up when you finally learn what’s going on.  I’m looking forward to the next episode, especially with what appears to be a new rival character showing up.  I wonder if he’s gonna be another poor person, too?  They’re so fun to watch.

Note:  if someone left me five f*cking yen as even a tip for doing my work, I’d haunt them for years!  This has nothing to even do with being a shinigami!  I’d just haunt them for being a bag of d*cks!

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