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Check-in Station Dark Edition: Issue #6 (would you rather do it secretly in public, or loudly in private?)

The series is not dead.  Pervy manga and anime are still being covered.  And I have new series on tap.  Man is it weird.

Here are the series I’ll be covering:

  • Seishokuki ch1
  • Nana to Kaoru ch71 & 72
  • My Lovely Ghost Kana ch20
  • Yuria 100 Shiki ch59
  • Happy Negative Marriage ch7 & 8
  • Liar’s Paradox ch5 & 6
  • Hana to Hoshi ch3
  • Cutie Lips ch2
  • Recently, My Sister is Unusual ep4


Chapter 1

Well that was awkward, and weird, and highly sexually charged…  so from what I gather, this chick is really horny (I have no problem with this), to the point of frantic masturbation.  She’s got the classic set up, she’s the class rep.  So it’s safe to assume a few things, she’s got good grades, she’s outwardly a model student and citizen, and therefore because of these things she’s highly trusted by the faculty.  There’s nothing so far to clue us into this chick’s random and intense bouts of lust, maybe she’s just naturally that way.  But it’s so in focus for this chapter’s storytelling that it must be a key plot element or personality trait.  I honestly don’t know what to think of her as a person so far in the story.  It’s such a weird amalgamation of traits in a character.  What throws me off even more, is how “normal” she seems, even with those traits.  Normally, in a shoujo-style set up, such a character would have almost two different personalities.  She doesn’t seem to change personality at all when her eroticism takes center stage.  While she’s confused and almost intoxicated by it, she holds it internally – barely keeping it bottled up while maintaining her composure.  It’s a lot more realistic than what I usually see in a manga, especially from a main character female.  It’s weirdly refreshing.]

The part where this pseudo realism becomes a problem is when it’s suddenly contrasted with this creepy, weird and bombastic set up at the end.  It looks like she stumbles across the aftermath of a rape scene before being confronted by some weirdo in a dog-like mascot suit.  And then it gets more confusing when a girl half dressed in a bunny costume shows up to blow it away with some ridiculous hand cannon!  There’s not much more to this setup or the chapter.  I really have no idea if I’m dealing with kinky sci-fi or highly thematic smut.  I just know that I have to keep reading.  I can’t just walk away from this insanity.

Nana to Kaoru

Chapter 71

I found myself laughing at how this has become a competition between the two girls AND the dog!  As if this already wasn’t silly enough, now Hiro is butting in on the fun.  It makes it even better that we get little subtitles displaying what the dog is thinking.  He’s totally into this too, and see it as a competition for affection.  It appears that Kaoru has a talent for being more than a master of just females with a desire to be dominated; he may have a future as a dog whisperer, too!

It’s also pleasant to see that the only spoken dialogue comes from Kaoru, as he acts out his role as the human master.  The rest of it is told between looks and inner monologues from Nana and Tachi, and of course Hiro’s input as well.  The humans are all communicating as much through action and body language as anything else.  And again we can see the strange strain that Tachi puts on Kaoru and Nana’s relationship, as she outshines Nana easily.  Nana can’t help but be frustrated at how it seems Tachi’s always butting in and upping the ante.  Kaoru would clearly like to have his way with Nana while they were alone, but he’s also enjoying his role as master of everyone, too.  I get the feeling that this breather is going to please me far more than I originally suspected.  Even if the levels of eroticism aren’t that high, the embarrassment factor of this activity and the dog getting involved are enough to make me excited for this activity.

Chapter 72

Well it took a few chapters, but Nana’s finally decided to join in on the insanity.  Most of this chapter was just the slow build-up to Nana breaking out of her shell and accepting her feelings.  Once she was able to do that, it was a simple task to participate.  Seeing Tachi pop in and help out shows that this is more than a matter of competition for her.  She’s staying true to her intentions in the beginning, which was to help the two out, while still getting an enjoyable breather for herself.

This is still so weird and embarrassing to just watch; I can only imagine how humiliated the participants must be.  Sheesh!

My Lovely Ghost Kana

Chapter 20

Nice to see Daikichi and Kana getting back to having gobs of lustful paranormal sex again.  I enjoyed the emotional, and thoughtful chapters, but I did miss the sex, too.  This was a pretty basic and straightforward New Year’s chapter.  It was great seeing that the store manager was happy again, I don’t think he’ll ever be normal.  But happy is better anyway.  And you couldn’t ask for a better New Year’s Eve and Day celebration; good food, good friends, sharing moments, and great sex all night long.

I’m getting quite nervous with each passing chapter.  I’ve been slowly milking this short little series for all its worth.  But there isn’t much time left celebrate.  There are only a few chapters left, and so very much don’t want to say goodbye to this quirky manga and its cast.

Yuria 100 Shiki

Chapter 59

That was invigorating in the worst way.  Who would have thought this series would eventually see Terminator like battles of sex to go along with its budding love stories.  Lucy hasn’t given up one bit on beating out the Yuria series, and when she runs into Louie, she wastes no time sending her to take care of business.  She realizes that Louie has the ability to make any dutch wife submit, due to her having a penis.  And so we get this awesome, and very awkward to watch battle between robo chicks as penises are grabbed, butts are mounted, and secrets revealed.  I forgot Juria’s “boyfriend” had no idea she was a sex robot.  Though in the end, like most things in this series, it didn’t really matter.  Actually, it may have helped things.  Since he was obsessed with dolls before, he figures Juria is the perfect partner for him.  It’s simultaneously sad and endearing.

After all this though, I greatly doubt that the Lucy series will halt  their attacks after one failing.  They can’t quit on the penis that quickly.

Happy Negative Marriage

Chapter 7

Wow.  That was-  that was nothing but sex!  I suppose the series is over!  They’re gonna have sex and then they’re gonna get married, right?

Chapter 8

Ok, so perhaps everything isn’t predetermined.  There’s still a little salt to throw in the game.  And I think I know the flavor of salt they’re using (damn that was corny, but I’m keeping it in).

The sure fire sex from last chapter?  Somehow that got f*cked up in a classic Japanese way.  Though it did look like they were gonna have awesome sex.  Let this be a lesson learned.  If you plan on using protection – bring f*cking protection losers!  Look at this!

Look at it!  That will be you if you f*ck around!  A broken shamed mess!  May your god have mercy on your soul!  May your ancestors recover from the shame of you not being able to please a woman!

*ahem*  Moving on, the encounter actually didn’t end as badly as it appeared.  And it may have been for the best that the couple didn’t perform coitus.  At Keitaro’s job, we see how happy his coworkers are that his date went well, and that it looks like he’s likely to get married.  It’s a bit less great to hear them talk so much about the benefits of marriage.  And by that, I mean the actual health and insurance coverage benefits of marriage.  It’s sad how for some people it breaks down into such a thing.  The real curiousity is seeing Keitaro’s supervisor ask one of his buddies to do a background check of sorts on his girl.  I don’t know what they’re checking, or what rumour he’s caught wind of, but I suspect it might have to do with her sexual prowess.

Could she have formerly been a hostess?  A call girl?  May she even have been a prostitute at one point?  Who knows.  When it comes to the sexually repressed culture of Japan, it may not even be anywhere close to that bad.  She may have just had sex with two guys, or some older dude outside her accepted age bracket.  Regardless, I can see trouble coming down the line.

Liar’s Paradox

Chapter 5

“…I think it’s better not to pursue love, rather than lose myself in trifling passion.”

What a terrible pair of people to be in a relationship.  Youkadou being the worst of all clearly.  He’s goes on this faux date with Maruetsu, a girl who is quite nice but he clearly does not want romantically.  And even though they connect and have a good time, he pokes at her for her opinion on long distance relationships.  It seems he’s trying to validate his fascination and hope in regards to Seiyuu by getting any positive information he can cull.  And I can’t help but think that if he gave Maruetsu a chance, he’d find someone he could engage in and be happy around.  Instead, we see far more of his pushy, desperate bad behaviour.  And we also see Seiyuu endorsing it for her own reasons.

The only positive thing about their situation right now is that they both are using each other, though they won’t openly admit it.  But I still have trouble swallowing Youkadou’s poor behaviour.  This time, he manages to push up on Seiyuu after she gets done talking with her boyfriend and masturbates on her.  What the hell?!  They may not be in a relationship, but I’m pretty sure they’re violating Seiyuu’s relationship with these actions.  I can only imagine how far this train wreck is gonna go.  I imagine things are only going to get worse and more complicated.

Chapter 6

Interesting.  I had thought that Seiyuu would be smart to keep her distance this time around.  But instead, Youkadou’s fever is what brings her so much closer to him.  It all starts with him again being an a-hole, coming to work sick.  Sure he wanted to not seem like he was trying to get Seiyuu’s attention, but he really just made a mess of himself.  It was only with Maruestsu’s help that he even made it through most of the day.

What caught my attention was how Seiyuu was able to observe Youkadou without him ever realizing it.  She saw all the signs of him not feeling well, and came by his place on an important day for her to care for him.  It was an amazing sight, seeing his nursed back to health.  Too bad he had to muck things up again by whipping out her titties while she was asleep and his fever had subsided.  Then again, I can’t be too surprised she allowed this to go through.  Not after having him masturbate on her just the day before.  I really don’t see how this isn’t a relationship at this point.  Oh!  well there is the little surprise of Maruetsu stopping by his apartment to check on him just as they’re licking each other up and down…

Hana to Hoshi

Chapter 3

Well that was awkward.  I bet Hanai is at a loss, too.  After Hoshino passes out from her near experience with skinship, a mysterious girl shows up to pick her up and with Hanai’s help, carry her to the school infirmary.  This girl seems to know Hoshino quite well, and even informs Hanai of a way to get back into table tennis.  Things are changing quickly in this series.

Cutie Lips

Chapter 2

Well that was a rather pointless, but cute little love story.  I’m not much of a fan of superstition or astrology, at all.  So this seems even more silly to me.

The couple of  interest is Hiraoka, a dopey looking guy who loves his superstition and good luck.  He discovers that a woman he has a crush on has the same tendencies and that they are of the same sign.  The two of them end up spending more and more time together.

What forges their relationship though is when their luck goes bad, or at least when it’s foretold that it will be.  The woman, whose name is Sayama, visits a fortune teller (man, she’s really into this stuff) who gives her a very specific reading.  She’s told that she will be bad luck to the man whom she is closest.  And Hiraoka is that man now.  The two of them end up staying together anyway, forging their love with hot unprotected sex, and pretty much ignoring any bad luck they see is being foretold.

In a way, I’m going what’s the point in believing the good luck if you don’t believe in the bad?  In another way, I think it’s enduring that they’ve taken their superstitions and turned them into a way to always look positively at the world.  Not bad.  I think I’m liking this Cutie Lips series.  That I am.

Recently, My Sister is Unusual

Episode 4

This episode was much less lewd, and quite a bit more heartfelt than I was ready for.  On one hand, we see that Yuuya isn’t a complete moron.  He’s catching on to the wildly divergent personalities that Mitsuki is displaying, and I can’t blame him for thinking she has a personality disorder.  True, we know it’s wholly paranormal, but what normal person would know or conclude that?

On the hand, we see what naturally happens when Hiyori is allowed to take over Mitsuki’s body for  a time.  Hiyori just naturally being an open and accepting person, is able to get along very well with Yuuya.  The only weird points coming when Hiyori gets a little too aggressive in her affection.  Yuuya is also able to shine, showing that he’s a good, stern big brother who is more than happy share and teach.  Yuuya himself comes across as a better person, now that he’s not forced to constantly react to the harshly shifting dynamic that is the relationship with his little sister.  When he’s not forced to think about his little sister’s ass, or her peeing herself in front of him, thinks are quite happy and normal.

Surprise!  Surprise!  Seriously though, who would’ve thought Hiyori would be the one to interject some normalcy into this situation?  She actually puts Mitsuki to shame this episode.

Everything isn’t going well though, we see that Mitsuki eventually gets locked out of her own body.  And no sooner does she do that, then Hiyori schemes to use her body to have sex with Yuuya!  Damn this tramp moves fast!  I can’t tell if she’s more excited to get into heaven, or to get some penis inside of her!  Thankfully, Yuuya shows that he’s not a terrible pervert.  He doesn’t fall for Hiyori’s tricks, though she does get dangerously close to groping and grinding on him in the darkness.  Instead, he maintains his stance as that good, stern older brother  and outright rejects her advances.  He then goes on to tell her that she doesn’t have to go through this good girl routine to be close to him or talk to him.  And with that Hiyori voluntarily gives back Mitsuki’s body out of anger.  Things are back to their strange version of normal.

I actually liked this episode and enjoyed watching it.  Stuff like this is a part of the reason I decide to dive into these likely atrocious shows.  Often I want to see what unique things can be done when you’re working with a unique concept and “bottom-of-the-barrel” expectations.  Sometimes you get stuff like this, where an actual lesson is learned about stuff like friendship and relationships.  Granted you can watch any number of excellent Friendship is Magic episodes and get that without any of the uncomfortable material and awkwardness that oozes from this show.  But merit is merit, regardless of what better options may be out there.  The point is, that the show tried.  And that’s what matters.  A gold star is what I award this effort.  A gold star.

Note:  somehow I forgot to mention how Yuuya may have unwittingly uncovered the real identity of Hiyori before her death.  It looks like she may have been persistently sick girl that he visited a lot when he was younger.  It seemed to strike quite the cord with Hiyori when she heard, but we can’t confirm much else about her past.  I’m quite curious to see this flashback.

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