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Your Lie in April ep5: burned into memory

I hate having to cover those episodes that come after a spectacle. You’re always wondering what else you could possibly say after being so inspired. That’s how I felt after watching episode 4 and coming around to this one. But everyone has to move on, and the show itself has no issues doing the same.

Kaori is the lingering cliffhanger from the last episode. We were left wondering what happened to her, and what’s going on with her. And the short answer is anemia. Though whenever a woman in anime passes out like that, and also speaks so much about taking in life, you have to wonder. I get the strong suspicion she’s not long for this world. But I won’t let my bad experiences with Clannad and other such shows taint my view just yet. For now, she’s in and out of the hospital relatively quickly.

In the period of this episode, things are turned around quickly. Kaori finds a way to push Kousei into participating in a piano competition for himself. And she’s quite good at convincing him. Her force of will refuses to let the musician in Kousei die. No matter how hard he attempts to strangle and suffocate it to death, she sees it as only a mere temper tantrum, a short term predicament. It feels to me both daft and admirable.

The cast appears to be slowly expanding as well, as we see some current and old school mates appear. Some of the purpose of this appears to be to show how things used to be before Kousei turned so dour and sour. The other purpose appears to be to show how attached Tsubaki really is to Kousei, and why the whole “good childhood friend” angle is just a load of crap. She’s given a prime opportunity in this world, but she just can’t do it because Kousei can’t leave her mind.

While I still find this show overly pretentious and sappy for the most part, I am glad that it’s following one of the key rules to keeping a show like this interesting: they have to keep things dynamic. You can’t keep playing with the whole denial/ignorance angle with these shows. The audience will only accept so many coincidences to keep a couple apart. But if you have characters wrestling with their choices, and actively participating in different relationships it keeps the show rather fresh and involving. That’s a great combination and keeps the audience from getting overly frustrated.

I want to see these characters flirt (no pun intended) with being friends, partners, lovers, acquaintances and even enemies. This show keeps that up, and I may not fixate too much on the impending doom that I can see looming over this show in the future.

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