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Your Lie in April ep3: haunt the living, forebode the dead!

It’s amazing how someone’s personal feelings and phobias can be pushed aside and disregarded in the name of friendship and a under a river of feminine tears. Then again, making a lady cry is practically a criminal offense. So perhaps I could do like the show, and ignore an entire episode of bullying and harassment.

It all starts with Kousei and Kaori’s non-date in the cafe in Ryouta’s absence. We get another scene showing Kousei freeze up while playing even the simplest of melodies on a piano. It doesn’t help that the show keeps putting him in situations that makes him freeze up like a cardboard box. But it does give the two of them an excuse to talk about his condition. Apparently, he doesn’t physically freeze up, so much as he claims to just stop hearing the piano as he plays. A strange claim indeed, I don’t even see how that’s possible to hear everything BUT the music. But this is anime, so we’ll move on for now.

The issue of this episode is that Kaori’s accompanying pianist had quit on her (no surprise), and she dubs Kousei as the starring replacement. Kousei’s reaction? No, of course! He just went over how he freezes up during performances, and you demand he participate in one?! She’s insane! Worse yet, his friends find out and get in on it. with Tsubaki going nuts over the idea of making Kousei confront his piano past again.

Tsubaki does clear up her motivations with Kaori though, saying that the piano isn’t what’s important to her. It’s the act of seeing Kousei confront his phobia head on, and choosing his passion or leaving based on something aside from fear and trauma. It’s as sincere a motivation as any. Though I don’t agree with their methods of practically haunting and stalking him with the music she’ll be performing.

In the end, what really wins him over are Kaori’s passionate tears. That screaming desire for recognition that pops up at the most awkward of times. It’s now up to them to get their act together and not make fools of themselves at the performance that is about to start in mere minutes.

This was a decent in-betweener episode, not a whole lot happened really. We learned a bit more about Kousei’s hangups, though we’re still in the dark about Kaori’s inner workings. And I’m starting to develop this theory that the black cat has Kousei’s mother’s spirit in it, and it’s evil. Then again, I think most cats are evil.

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