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Check-in Station: Your Lie in April ep1

Not a bad start for what feels like a shoujo series. It’s my sincere hope that the four characters we see at the end develop it into a tight, complicated group of interesting people.

The set up is pretty standard anime fair. Kousei is a young, broken prodigy with an abusive past who effectively has and likely will continue to live alone for the majority of the series. Tsubaki is his childhood best friend who is a bit of a jock, and also cares for him in what feels like more than a sisterly fashion, but only slightly. Then there’s Ryouta, the popular guy who I hope is more than just a shallow dude who is relentlessly interested in intimacy with females. And Kaori, the enchanting blonde prodigy who is impressively outgoing. I can see this being a good mix. None of the characters annoy, and the show seems to have its focus properly placed on the characterization, music and romance; with plenty of light comedy thrown into the mix.

Going forward, my hopes are that this show plays with the idea of characters actually being in relationships and learning from each other, and not the seemingly never-ending dance of clumsy courtship that I see in so many anime. The classical music in this, I expect to be stellar and a nice change of pace. It’s easy to f*ck up pop music in its many forms, different tastes, and trends. But classical music is timeless and should be used at length but tastefully in a show like this.

Other than that, episode one was a good lukewarm dip into this show’s world. I’m willing to dive deeper. For at least the first five or six episodes anyway.


  1. derekl1963
    April 1, 2015 at 20:22

    Wow, welcome back!

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