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Aldnoah Zero ep9: everyone gets a little PTSD every now and then

Oh joy. One of those “downtime” episode where we barely learn anything new about the characters and there’s a bunch of boring childish hijinks and love geometry. I could do without any of this sh-! What’s this?! A MURDER! A murder in the showers?! Now I am intrigued!

Honestly, not the most exciting episode for the most part. But some important business was taken care of. For starters, it really does appear that Count Cruhteo is dead. Ho-hum. True or not, he won’t be missed. Slaine is now in the custody of Saazbaum, and I find myself intrigued by this head conspirator and current main villain. He’s incredibly blunt and honest with Slaine once they get to talking. And when Slaine sternly asks him to stand down and not pursue his path, Saazbaum is able to actually look him in the eyes and justify his actions without a moments’ hesitation. Granted, he’s still incredibly bitter and jealous, and all this is a terrible idea that makes him a pretty terrible criminal and perhaps a mass-murderer. But he’s not a cowardly villain, he’s one of those impassioned villains that has been wronged and doesn’t care about consequences any more. He’s on a mission!

I had good laugh on the inside when scene switched to Inaho and the other Earthlings on the Deucalion. We can quickly see a little harem being developed around the character in the show with the least personality. I just couldn’t get over how his sister is constantly trying to tell a story with that same unchanging face of his. It’s a classic example of why I find so much about romance and relationships laughable. It seems the fantasy has become the norm too often too easily. But that’s a subject that needs to be more concretely addressed on its own.

The real spice to this episode was seeing Rayet taking her opportunity to finish Asseylum off. It’s a desire I didn’t even know she still held that strongly. Sure. i knew there’d be hate and jealousy, but I thought it would take more time and events to manifest. It was almost like she was under a spell. And of course, the Aldnoah drive doesn’t work without someone of the proper lineage to power it, so the Deucalion immediately crashes. That was unfortunate. I don’t doubt that will set the stage for another attack.

Overall, there’re a few interesting things to ponder, even going into the lore of the show.  We have a recurrent PTSD angle brewing with LT. Marito and Rayet.  And while Marito is getting help, Rayet is probably just as seriously f*cked up in the head right now.  I think they’d greatly benefit from spending time together, though I have no idea if that will ever happen.  There’s also Count Saazbaum and his agenda.  He sheds some interesting light on the situation of the Spacenoids, and the events of 15 years ago.  He’s a crestfallen warrior, and he appears to be the only knight I’ve seen so far that doesn’t wholeheartedly subscribe to the dogma of their king.  He doesn’t care for the system, the people who run it or the position of his people.  I have high hopes for him as a villain.  He’s got the drive, the smarts, and may be just dead enough inside to make things interesting.  As for Princess Asseylum, I have serious doubts about her actually being dead, or at least staying dead.  But if she does stay dead, I’ll give this show kudos.

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