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Aldnoah Zero ep8 : no one is safe – nowhere

I need this show to do me a favor.  Don’t ever dip below the quality of this episode for a moment.  It’s gliding on the thin line between getting away with too many coincidences and sloppy set-ups, and getting called out for them.  I dare say it’s flirting with a harem.  But for now, I’d say that this show has had a spectacular beginning that makes me want to go back and judge it against some of the classics.

The show is good enough to show us a little of the pivotal moments that lead up to episode seven’s spectacular ending.  And with Princess Asseylum’s decision to help the Earthlings, it puts everything on tilt.  Much of the actions being perpetrated in this show up until this point were based on the assumption or lie that she was dead, with only a handful of people in the story knowing the truth.  The episode does a good job of pointing out just how dangerous it is for everyone that is currently on the ship.  It’s not just the firepower, it’s the beacon that will draw all sorts of problems to everyone on board.  Clearly a Spacenoid has to be piloting or helping for this famous ship to fly.  And with that info, and the doubts about Princess Asseylum’s mortality starting to rise, it’s only a matter of time before we get assassins.

I did find it a bit awkward how those who did know of Princess Asseylum didn’t freak out too much when meeting her.  I thought for sure there’d be more hate with all the death surrounding her, but I guess a pretty face really does solve all problems here.  It was much more amusing to see Inaho just flat out tell his superiors that he had no intention of telling them about her true identity.  I can’t tell if that moment was intentionally amusing or not.  Inaho is just a straight up dick at times, and there’s never any repercussions for it.  It’s like everyone is so taken aback by how blunt, harsh and emotionless he can be at all times, it leaves little room for a rebuttal.

I can’t really avoid speaking about Slaine’s torture.  Halfway through everything that was happening, I knew for sure that I there was no redeeming the Spacenoids.  Aside from Slaine and Asseylum, I couldn’t find a single redeeming personality amongst that group.  Plus from the very beginning I had a high level of disgust for them just based on their actions and attitudes.  They were doing everything in their power to perfectly represent what I hated most about the ignorant elite.  I thought Count Cruhteo could be a redeemable character early on, but seeing the torture and how he spouted his heartless dogma about making the inferior Terrans pay for Princess Asseylum’s death, I was fully down to see him die a painful death.  After all, up to this point he’d beaten and reprimanded Slaine with a harshness too coarse even for a dog.  And the torture scenes, which were generously peppered througout the episode just left the bitterest taste in my mouth.  By the time the lost ship with the Aldnoah drive had been discovered, and Cruhteo had enough information to figure out what Slaine had been doing, it was already way too late.

I’m sure this situation will only further spin out of control as Saazbaum and his fellow conspirators work harder and more viciously to cover their tracks and get their way.  After attempting to kill their own princess and murdering a fellow knight and other Spacenoids, it’s clear that there’s nothing they’re afraid to do.  No one’s safe yet, good guys or bad guys.  Spacenoid or Earthling.

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