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Aldnoah Zero ep7: the enemy of my enemy is just as dead as my enemy will be

I’ve heard this show be compared to many other things. But to me, it seems to be consistently doing something right. It’s consistently being entertaining and using its cast to its advantage. Despite my fear that I’m seeing too many familiar elements pop up, I see potential in this show. What this show says to me is, “I’ve seen what you can do, I can do it better.”

Boy, I’m not wasting any time here. That Spacenoid knight bit it hard! I was wondering in the previous episode why they never considered going on the attack, but it looks like I just needed to give Inaho time.  He exposes those knights on an embarrassing level.  This time, the knight just got exposed as one of those enemies in Mega Man games, where if you catch them from behind, they’re toast.  I’m sure someone will say this is simplistic, but I’m enjoying this hard pseudo-science stuff.  I like that there’s a seemingly valid explanation for tactics and weaknesses.  I’ve spent way too many years suffering through plot armor to complain about this.

I was questioning for just a moment whether Inaho and Slaine meeting and cooperating, or the reveal of the new “White Base” for the show along with the reveal of Princess Asseylum’s identity was the big moment.  And it’s definitely the reveal.  The repercussions to this are huge!  The princess is exposed to so many people right now!  But on the other hand, the fact that that ship is flying right now is proof of her identity!  You would think that this would immediately be enough to stop the fighting, but there’s more problems and issues at hand.  The main problem is the wide spread electronic interference actively happening on the planet now.  Then there’s Saazbaum’s ever present attempts at making sure she and Slaine are dead.  He seems to be the most influential knight in the empire.  No doubt, he’ll not only have the other knights, but assassins as well stalking them.  But for now, it’s pretty cool to see that we won’t just outright be seeing the Terrans get massacred because of inferior equipment and ignorance.

It’s a bit jarring though to see a show that before had only flirted with so many of these standard Gundam and overall mecha tropes, and then to just see the show’s Gundam and White Base appear in one episode.  I feel like I’ve already seen the show’s Kira, Athrun and Lacus Clyne up to this point.  Hell, I’d venture to say that a few more senior characters from Gundam SEED have counterparts here, too.  Captain Rommius and Mu la Flaga are in here, too.  It really does feel as though the purpose of this show is to do a “better” Gundam.  It’s like they looked at shows like Turn A and SEED and maybe even Code Geass, and said they could do it better.  It’s all set itself up so well for that point.  And I honestly want that to be the case.  I want them to take the very same elements and tropes and see if they can do better.  Many times this has been attempted and failed miserably, but when it’s done right, the show becomes a legend in its genre.

Focusing more on the individual episode and not the show, it was a very cool moment seeing Slaine and Inaho meet up.  Inaho is an intimidating, hard core soldier at heart.  Slaine may have talents and passions of his own, but Inaho is just an inexplicable void, lacking in naivety or hesitation.  And over the episodes, I’ve gone from being a big hater of him as a character, to someone who is learning to respect his alpha dog presence in this show.  His meeting with Slaine exposed that more than ever.

It’s also important to note that Slaine still hasn’t actually reunited with his princess, yet.  And he’s utterly confused as to how to treat Inaho.  While Inaho seems to openly distrust Slaine, the main reason likely being that he probably suspects him of having something to do with her attempted murders, and even if that’s not true, he’s still technically an enemy combatant.  It’s hard for me to imagine the two of them not having animosity towards each other.

Overall, I’m just having a lot of fun watching this show.  It’s not too goofy, and surprisingly dark, brutal and to the point at times.

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