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Tokyo Ghoul ep7: are you choosing to protect, or avenge?

If you want change, you have to act on it yourself.  I guess when it comes to survival, it makes sense that you can’t approach it like a 9-5 job. You can’t just leave work, let your hair out and plop down for a view of the game passively. You always have to take the proper steps to cover your tracks, watch your back and keep just enough proper tension to act.  It’s like being on-call, except there’s no pager to warn you of a call to action. It’s just a matter of being ready.  If life calls, you answer or it will be death there to meet your cries.

It is nothing but a tragedy what happened to Hinami. As I said previously, your world can’t be rocked any harder than having the pillars of your young life ripped away from you as an adolescent. But I couldn’t help but think what a colossal mistake Touka’s making by attempting to avenge Hinami’s mother’s death. She basically attempted a straight hit on the entire team involved. Not only did she fail to kill all of them, but she drew direct attention to their home ward by her actions. Given the circumstances we heard after the funeral for the one ghoul investigator who was murdered, it was beginning to look like they may not focus much longer on the 20th Ward because of Jason’s involvement in a different ward. Instead, she’s sparked what could end up being war with the ghoul investigators.

Ken has surprised me so far, not necessarily in his reactions and actions, but in my reaction to them. What I mean by that is that Ken is a pacifist (when he can help himself). At the moment, the most aggressive actions he’s taken have been nearly killing Nishio (done under a surprise blood lust), and in allowing Touka to eat a piece of him in order to protect everybody. Sure, he’s punched one or two dudes, but that’s all self defense or to defend someone else. And it’s pitiful violence compared to what we’ve seen from characters in this show, ghoul or human. Usually, I’m far more annoyed by pacifist characters in my shows, especially anime. But in most cases, that’s in regards to war. My personal feelings on other shows and characters aside, this is not a war story, not yet anyway. Ken is in his own naive, ignorant way going about trying to fix things in his makeshift home. And while his actions aren’t violent themselves, what he’s probably going to do is enable Touka to act out her violent and vengeful actions.

I’m interested in seeing how this turns out. This kinda thing tends to lend itself far more heavily towards catastrophe than anything good. The combination of volatile emotions, violence and haphazard planning usually get people in a lot of trouble and leads to much failure, in the real world and fiction; the exception generally being shounen battle anime/manga.

There are other intriguing angles that need to be explored further.  Amon is a very stoic and potentially forthright character.  He’s classic Japanese main character type who has a strong sense of justice and duty, distilled slightly by a hidden goofiness and awkwardness with his environment.  I also suspect that he may be some sort of priest, given the cross he usually wears.  But I don’t want to bet too much on that one piece of jewelry.  The Japanese have a “talent” for playing loose with Christian beliefs and actions in fiction.

Overall, a decent episode that pushes things forward in an important way.  Ken is now taking an active role in protecting the ghouls in the ward.  Though only time will tell if he’s helping or hurting.  And it appears that Amon may be being set up to be his rival.  The 20th ward may become far more of a hotspot in the future.  I just hope nobody loses sight of the fact that they’re supposed to be protecting, not seeking revenge.


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