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Aldnoah Zero ep6: good luck!

This show so far has had a talent for pulling out a good ending to its episodes. It’s as though the show has more of a cadence akin to a mystery show than an action one. Which is fine by me, because it keeps these shows interesting towards the end, and gives me plenty to think about in between episodes.

So it’s war now, full-on official war. Though given what we’ve seen from the first episode onward, it really wasn’t much of a war before or now. I just find it painfully laughable how the ruler of the Spacenoids is just a gullible old fool now. It’s a story straight out of old world Europe. The repercussions to this are obvious; the fighting (or slaughter) begins anew, and now everyone even close to fighting age is being drafted into military service for the Terrans.

We get a little more exposition this episode as we see Lt. Marito continue to struggle with his PTSD, especially since the ship everyone is on is heading to the scene of his most traumatic experience. It doesn’t help that the ship’s captain Capt. Magbaredge reveals that she’s actually brother of his best friend who died in his arms in that terrible battle. Why did he not know this until now? Because the name she now has is her adoptive one.

Ugh! That whole moment just felt like a soap opera moment. I just felt dirty and cheap from even experiencing that. There are a lot of things that annoy me in storytelling; cheap and frequent coincidences are one of them. The other is show forcing everyone to be related somehow. This better have a good payoff later, because I really hated that scene.

Of course, the best part was the end where we see another one of the Aldnoah Knights show up to be uppity, pointlessly racist and overconfident. The fact that mech full of fists is piloted by a woman is too easy a dirty joke to write. And the battle was decent, though I did have two problems with it. For one, it appears that the knight’s only weapons are the giant remote piloted fists that she throws at her opponents. I was surprised no one attempted to snipe her, even though they were under attack. Perhaps that’s what Lt. Marito was attempting to do when he hopped in a mech? Too bad he froze and panicked in there again, we may never know what his plan was now. Also, I found it strange how such a perfect soldier like Inaho could do such a great job at marksmanship up until now, and then have trouble shooting down the last and most dangerous fist that was headed for the bridge. And before anyone chimes in to say that he’s only human – I seriously have my doubts about him being only human.

In any case, it was Slaine who had shown up at such an amazingly opportune time to save the bridge.  Looks like his little reunion with the princess may happen sooner than I thought.

I’m still waiting for answers to certain pressing questions in this show, even knowing that the show is very young.  I’m still a tad confused on the lore.  It seems that Spacenoids are just ordinary humans who got lucky and stumbled on a gold mine of technology.  But these a-holes still maintain that they’re a separate and superior race.  And on top of that, they think they have a right to the Earth.  I don’t know how I could possibly see these guys as anything short of a bunch of rich homicidal a-holes who need to be wiped from the universe.

Good luck show.  Good luck.

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