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Aldnoah Zero ep5: put all his stats into leadership, none into charisma

I’m actually conflicted on whether I want to like this show or not. But I may not get a chance. I think this show is going to show itself to be so charismatic and appeal that I just can’t help but give my body over to it. Yes, I realize how that sounds. But you may be like me in realizing that this show is a rising star as well.

There are enough threads running through this show to definitely keep things interesting, without the possible side effect of getting lost in all the characters, settings and individual storylines that will eventually link.  And I’m glad we got to see a bit of the Spacenoid government this episode.  Though I fear things really have gone to the dogs when I see the doddering old Emperor himself.  It reminds me of the stories I’ve read, and the documentaries I watched where you see a strong noble class manipulate, criticize and even become outwardly insubordinate to their ruler.  I don’t think I’ve heard a story yet, where the nobles get super powerful and then start taking good care of the peasants and the poor.  You pretty much start to see the seven deadly sins come out in all their glory when humans get the opportunity to gain and keep superior status over their fellow man.  The pride, the hatred, the greed, the selfish and ignorant beliefs and superstitions that grow in their heads as their status proves them right in their own heads over and over.  It warps a man’s senses and his sense of a place in the world, making a person start to believe it revolves around them.

We do see a bit of humanity and propensity for critical thinking from the emperor when he asks the question I’ve been juggling in my head for awhile now.  Why has there been no investigation into what happened to the princess.  Why does no one ask why this happened, or who exactly did it?  War in this case is the most short-sighted, childish response to this kind of a situation.  Instead, the whole population of the planet is condemned to suffer during this war, as their friends and family are supposed to be slaughtered by them.  He thankfully calls an armistice to see what the hell is going on in this world.  I’m only disappointed to see that this action is only too weak and easily changed later in the episode.

The call to armistice has plenty of varying effects on the cast as for one thing, the Orbital Knights are pissed that they’ve had good time spoiled by the yank of their emperor’s leash.  This causes Count Cruhteo and his counterpart,Saazbaum,  the noble that sent Trillram over to make their own moves.  Cruhteo is unsuccessful in his please for more war to the emperor, but Saazbaum is much smarter and shows much more finesse in his efforts.  Efforts that prove to be a huge problem by the end of the episode.  Then there’s the princess herself, who as usual has but one clear way to solve her problems.  She just thinks she has to expose her face and name to the right people, and her problems will be solved.

And then there’s Slaine.  I really do feel sorry for this guy.  He’s so far away from being an a-hole, yet he’s surrounded by these a-holes and they constantly pick on him.  He also seems to have terrible luck as well.  He thinks the armistice gives him the perfect opportunity to get the news of the princess’s death to the Emperor, but Saazbaum is already there in the wings, having already planted the seed of doubt in the emperor’s ear before Slaine can give his message.  The thing that most disappoints me about this scene isn’t even a bad thing about the show.  I just hate how much of a useless old fool the emperor is appearing to be.  You think he’d show some life, or hope once hearing of his daughter’s possible survival.  Instead he just accepts that she’s dead and Saazbaum’s words of doubt without any effort.  He’s been around this episode, and already he’s a useless piece of fluff in this show.  Surely, if he were to meet some “accident” in this story, I wouldn’t conjure a fretful thought about it.

The best part of this episode though, was seeing Inaho kick ass again.  See the armistice didn’t halt all of the Orbital Knights.  The one Inaho and his friends bested last episode made it a priority to get himself quickly repaired and ready for battle again.  He doesn’t care to give Inaho much time to enjoy (if he’s capable of that emotion) his previous victory, or the rest of the cast to take in the extra bit of life he’s so far spared them.

While Slaine’s actions threatened to shorten the show by exposing the paper thin reason for this war in the first place, Inaho was able to extend the series by not f*cking dying!  He once again used his observations and inferior equipment to best his opponent in a fundamental and pragmatic way.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him expose those spacenoid super weapons as the flimsy toys that they really are.  He really is a damn genius!  The only problem I see now is the extra attention they’ll  showered  with by their enemies upon the news of an Orbital Knight being slain reaching them.

I without a doubt thoroughly enjoyed this episode.  It wasn’t spectacular, but it did me goosebumps at moments when I thought of what this show could be.  Inaho still has as much personality as the vacuum of space, but what he’s capable of as a soldier is just outstanding and fun to watch.  It’s that trump card, along with the stellar production values, that really saves this show for me.  I don’t have anyone character I really like or cheer for, though it appears I will have plenty to hate.  And that usually would be a bad sign, but I believe this show has much to prove and is taking the necessary steps to be something special.

Note:  nice little nugget at the end of this episode.  Saazbaum clearly has some very deep, inside information to go with ambitious plans.  But it also seems to be the case where he knows more about the key characters than they do.  We’re only given hints of Slaine’s origin, and though the scene where we see what appears to be his entrance into Vers, we still don’t get what the hell is going on around here.  There’s no “why” attached to anything at the moment.  With the knowledge that Slaine had an influential dad, likely a man of science, we’re given an intersting carrot to chase for the rest of this show.  How is this unknown man linked to the spacenoids so far?

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