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Zankyou no Terror ep4: it’s better to be fair than right

I’m unclear as to whether I should be rooting for these terrorists or not. But it sure feels like the show wants me to do so. I’m not convinced though. My adult mind still says bad is bad. And the dangerous game they’re playing won’t have any good consequences in the very end. I don’t know if I can root for revenge in this case.

I came into this episode fully expecting someone to die. In my mind, having someone personally come out and make a statement the way Shibazaki did just leads to reprisals. But it seems the mad bombers had already thought that far ahead at least. And it’s leading me to wonder just how malicious their game really is, and what its scope truly becomes in the future. It was easy in the beginning to think that they may be trying some stupid, futile trick – like attempting to break down society as a whole, or just bringing the entire city to its knees through property destruction.  But the whole mission is quickly becoming much, much more cerebral and personal than I expected.  This time around, they aimed directly for a man, while simultaneously still hitting their overall target.

For what little stop gaps the police have put in place, and the amazing lack of bomb deaths to accompany this ongoing crisis, the police still find themselves becoming ever more and more frustrated by their ability to make any sort of an inroads into the identities of the bombers.  I get the feeling that it’s only a matter of time before fingers start getting pointed and they start turning on each other.  The end results of this episode further push me to believe that.

Just as the cops are settling into a slight groove with their investigation, Nine and Twelve send out their newest riddle.  This time though, it seems the emphasis is more on the instructions than the actual answer to the riddle.  Shibazaki kept things on the straight and narrow and used the hints to eventually get the answer to stop the bomb, but the rest of the force didn’t’ care to play along.  They had scoured through hours and hours of street camera and surveillance footage, and were able to track down where the bomb had been placed.  This didn’t go unnoticed by Nine and Twelve though, and they were fully prepared with a punishment.  Even though Shibazaki was able to solve the riddle (again thanks to his fat and dimwitted coworker), they decided not to allow the countdown to be stopped.  Though instead of getting a large explosion that would have killed a lot of cops, it just triggered the release of thousands of their investigation documents to the public.

Somebody’s getting fired!

On the back end, we see Twelve continuing to stalk Lisa, even though Nine has told him such close contact wouldn’t be necessary and went against statements made by Twelve himself earlier in the series.  Still Twelve presses on, more worried about her now that she’s run away from home.  And despite the regular veiled threats he makes towards her, he does help her out when she’s pressed by two cops, going so far as to shake them off in a high speed chase, and then bringing her to their hang out.  I can’t tell if Twelve is getting sloppy or bored.

I’m still on the fence with this show, and I honestly shouldn’t be.  It’s done nothing really wrong, and the things I don’t like are so minuscule that I don’t know if I care to mention them.  I suppose my problem is that I don’t get a sense of wonder from this show, just yet.  It’s clever, but it doesn’t stun me in any ways when it is that way.  It builds a decent atmosphere, but I don’t find myself willingly sinking into this world and enjoying it as easily as some other series I’ve watched this year.  But I can never claim that it’s not pushing forward.

I still don’t grasp what Nine and Twelve are trying to accomplish, and I get even more confused when talk is brought up about running out of time.  Their true desires are kept so close to themselves that I can’t get a grasp of the scope of their actions.  It’s bad enough that I can’t tell what they’re trying to do to Tokyo, but even worse when I’m given clear warning that more external factors are coming.  I hope we get a clearer view of the overall situation in the next episode.  Right now, Sphinx seems to be terrorizing the police more so than anyone else.

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