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Binbougami ga! ep4: her weakness is that she’s not a bad enough person

What a funny problem to find yourself in: trying to figure out if the person you’re with is an angel or a devil; a good person, or a spawn of misfortune that tortures the lives of those around her for her own gain?  Though perhaps I’m thinking much too deeply about this since the episode also includes a pervy monk who can’t stop obsessing over titties, and a masochist dog spirit that gets off on being whipped and having boiling hot water poured down his throat.  Indeed, perhaps the person who is just selfish, spoiled and oblivious doesn’t have the worst or most vexing of issues.

Back to watching Binbougami ga!, the show that I say I enjoy immensely, and then don’t watch for about a year.  Truly I am a massive hypocrite needing punishment.  Speaking of hypocrites, we start the episode watching the god of misfortune herself, Momiji out by the river with her creepy teddy bear companion fishing.  We also see the pervy monk coming by and he inquires about what she’s doing.  The answers is that she’s waiting to capture a valuable tool from the spirit world to help her in her task of retrieving the valuable good fortune from Ichiko.  What’s this tool?  To even her great surprise, it’s a new strange character for us to enjoy, the dog spirit Momou Inugami.  After we’re introduced the very … I’ll just say obtuse relationship and hobby he enjoys with Momiji, she quickly gives him the task of retrieving Ichiko’s fortune.  Her “plan” is to get the dog spirit to transform into his adorable “true” form and use the element of surprise to get her prize.

It’s pretty funny when things don’t immediately go properly for Momou when Ichiko initially ignores his advances, but he’s able to eventually weasel his way into her care and her –OH MY GOD!  I forgot how sh*tty her apartment is!  Apparently with her butler no longer around to take care of the chores, she just refuses to do anything and just lets the garbage pile up!  What’s even more perplexing is how she’s able to generate this god-awful mess in the span of a mere three days!  Three days!  It’s not like she invites anyone over, let alone throws parties.  She just comes home and doesn’t do a damn thing!  The only reason her apartment ever gets cleaned is because she calls in a cleaning company every few days.  It’s like being forced to call those cleaning people that service houses with fire and water damage twice a week!  GEEZ!  When this chick makes you hate her, she can really make you hate her!

Ichiko’s horrible – well I don’t know what to call a person so careless and sloppy.  Oh wait!  I have a large vocabulary!  I’m sure I can work out a proper word!

Slovenly!  Ichiko’s slovenly ways do actually figure directly into the episode later.  In the meanwhile, we watch as Momou attempts to steal Ichiko’s fortune over and over again.  Despite being an animal that goes completely unsuspected and can pounce on his prey while they’re asleep, Ichiko’s good fortune thwarts him effectively and brutally every time.  And every time that happens, he’s threatened with the possibility of turning back into his human-like form, exposing his origins as a tool of Momiji.  During all this failure, he is privy to seeing Ichiko throughout her entire day, and though while in public she does subscribe to the M.O. that Momiji laid out, she has another side no one else has seen, too.  At times she will take out a box full of her old butler’s letters to her and smile and laugh.  It’s her own personal treasure, though Momou sees no value in it.  One night, Momou decides to use a curse doll to suck her fortune from her, like some sort of time-b0mb or grenade, he pulls the nail out of doll only to have things appear to screw up again.  But what actually happens is that that precious box from her butler is knocked to the ground.  The next day, while Ichiko is away, the cleaning service comes in.  By chance, we get to see a veteran cleaner show a new girl the ropes of cleaning Ichiko’s room, specifically stating that they’re not to throw away anything on top of Ichiko’s work desk.  Unfortunately, that rule probably put in place to protect her box, which is now on the floor.  And since Ichiko’s a slovenly, careless person living in a disgustingly messy room, she leaves without noticing.  The box ends up in the trash and Ichiko is left in a terrible panic that afternoon when she can’t find her letters.

The next scene is actually touching and painful to watch.  We see Ichiko go so far as to walk to the dump and search bag after bag in vain for her lost prize.  The whole time Momou stalks her in the background waiting for her to tire out before he pounces.  To his surprise and chagrin, she stays the entire night, sobbing and searching through the trash for the butler’s box.  This touches Momou so much that he takes pity on her and retrieves the proper bag of trash using, of course, his godly dog nose’s sense of smell.

Later that day, Momiji stops by and asks Momou why he did it.  And the short version is that she’s not the person he thought she was, and he’d like more time to figure her out.  Though that’s going to be considerably harder now, because the grateful Ichiko brings him in the bath with her, and when she starts washing his doggy penis – the pleasure transforms him back to his human-like form… and then he’s promptly beaten with the bathtub.  THE BATHTUB!

Hmph, and here I thought it was pain that just did him in.  Looks like most any form of pleasure will do.

End of episode.

Pretty adorable.  Not Momou in his puppy dog form.  F*ck him!  He’s a weird a-hole who gets off pain.  I’ll never understand those people.  I was talking about the episode.  In one episode it efficiently showed the various sides of Ichiko to an outsider.  In this one episode, you could gather as much information as you could need about the beginning of the series.  If you started from here, you’d be just fine.  And it was because of that, and touching story of Ichiko having such a deep connection with the butler who was practically a parent to her, and then seeing her and Momou have a genuine moment over it that made me enjoy this episode so much.  It wasn’t the funniest or wackiest at all, but it had gobs of heart.

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