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Yamato 2199 ep6: Weak strategy always loses to strong tactics

It’s clear what the lesson from this episode of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is… racism is no excuse for incompetent commanding. Also, you can’t beat racism and classism by kissing someone else’s butt hole.

Pretty straightforward action episode this time around. The Yamato is clearly playing possum. But that doesn’t mean that they didn’t actually take a hit, as it’s seen that quite a few crew were injured and killed by that alien satellite blast. I feel most sorry for those poor soldiers that were trapped behind the bulkheads as their section of the spaceship flooded. Truly a lonely, cold and painful death.

The ruse is successful though, as the fighters sent from the Yamato haven’t been detected as of yet, and the aliens continue to celebrate, with the commander going so far as to go around his racist, slimeball superior to report directly to the alien high command or royalty, I can’t quite tell just yet. The bungle is beneficial to us though, as we see that there are several different races of aliens in this empire, with the weakest or newest class of aliens making up the lower classes of its structure. I’m looking forward to learning more about this, since I think the lowest class of aliens, and the highest class are just boring to me. They look like humans for the most part. At least give me the somewhat elf-like aliens as a representation. I refuse to believe that science could be so boring.

With Susumu and Akira on one scouting team, and Saburo (I Finally learned his name thanks to bookmarking a guide) and a wingman for his, the Yamato is spreading out its net for finding the enemy base, which is vitally important right now, since the Yamato can’t stay underwater indefinitely, and once they surface, they’re sure to get hammered right back down by the satellite relay cannon decisively.  And the strategy pays off as Kodai and Akira discover the actual base, thus allowing the Yamato the opportunity to surface and essentially cut down the satellite cannon before it can strike a decisive blow – just barely!

From the destruction of the cannon to thereafter, it’s just a route and a slaughter as only one ship carrying the base’s commander escapes.  Thus sealing stellar victory for the Yamato, and more importantly, a stellar victory for Earth.  Pluto was the source of the planet bombs (likely still angry over its downgrade from planet status long ago), with the destruction of the cannon and the base, those horrible weapons won’t be a threat for the foreseeable future.  Well done guys!

The other after effects of this battle aren’t immediately clear.  Likely the base’s commander will be killed once he makes it back to the nearest HQ for his report.  It seems the alien emperor, Lord Dressler has taken notice of the humans and their brand new ship.  Speaking of taking notice, it seems that Yuki has spent a lot of her attention on Susumu.  Perhaps her jealousy towards Akira (completely unfounded) is making her look at Susumu more seriously?

Overall, not a bad action episode.  I liked the basic strategy of it all.  In terms of fighting games, it was like the aliens were trying to “zone out” the Yamato.  And if they had been able to keep their focus on the Yamato, victory would have been as easy as they thought.  But it was the quick thinking of the Yamato’s leadership before and during the battle that influences the variables of this encounter enough to change the predicted outcome.  There was a good mix of tension and vulnerability to go along with the eventual *ss kicking that occurred as well.  At the beginning of the battle an episode ago, it really did seem that the Yamato was handicapping itself by not outright destroying the planetoid.  But looking back at the current results, I’m sure anyone would feel bad at the unnecessary destruction of a piece of our solar system.  It adds a sweet reward to a already sweet battle.  Now then, my appetite is wetted for more of this alien politics…

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