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Glasslip ep3: a future I don’t care to see

I could not be less interested in a series than I am now with this series. I had been warned about P.A. Works shows, and thought I was prepared, but there’s just no faking or powering through some things for me. Even when I try to focus my viewing experience by asking myself what are the fundamental points and questions of the show; it only makes my lack of enthusiasm worse. I end up just asking myself the same question: why am I watching this show anyway?

The answer is probably the double-edged sword known as diversity. Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not going all Racist Panda on anyone. I won’t say I do or don’t need more brown people in my anime, or that hotbed question of why Japanese characters look mostly like white people. Throw that in the garbage. I’m talking about diversity of genres in anime.

For a long time, I’ve placed a premium on watching a diverse array of anime. And it has its benefits. It keeps things from getting stale, and from me getting too surly and critical when I’ve seen a certain type of show do the same thing over and over again. After watching too many magical girl or mecha anime, the novelty of a good transformation or seeing the new main character upgrade can be worn to nothing. And then all I’m left with is a bunch of tired cliches, and I can’t see past them. Diversity is also the reason I’ve given some of my favorite shows a chance. Azumanga Daioh, Fruits Basket and quite a few others wouldn’t even be around if I didn’t feel a need to show that I can enjoy a show without violence.

On the other end, it has lead to me watching a lot of crap, or at least shows that have and will have no appeal to me. And that’s where I’m going with Glasslip. After sitting through three episodes, and trying my best, I can safely say:

I do not care.

I can’t find a shred of attention to give when it comes to this show.  It all seems very …  I don’t want to say pompous, but the show tries to hard.  It’s very shallow when it clearly wants to give the impression that it’s a deep and contemplative show.  It’s trying to show off the beauty of youth, when it freezes certain scenes into a watercolour-like painting.  But it does so constantly, there’s no impression to leave when you keep doing that.  It’s like someone found a new filter or video editing trick and decided to use it at every chance they got.

Then there’s the characters.  They don’t have a single real problem among them.  It’s honestly just a lot of fretting.  It’s all fear based on the future.  Which I suppose would be a decent hook if any of them actually had something to really be afraid of.  One girl is afraid of the future, one girl is afraid of losing friendship, one girl is afraid to confess to her stepbrother – wait what?!  Gotdammit Japan!  Even when you’re avoiding incest, you’re still somehow still playing with the idea.  Sure, those are things to think about.  Dilemmas you have to figure out on your own.  But none of them seem to be compelling dilemmas that really affect your day to day life, put you in danger, or are actually interesting to many people outside of the main narrative.  Even when Touko asks her sister about a dilemma, her sister can immediately come up with a common sense answer.  There is just no actual conflict or problem in this show.

And the supernatural aspect of this show?  Boring as hell. I’ve never seen such a plain, lifeless approach to time travel and fortune telling.  All Touko has gotten from this aspect of the show is some dude from the future who is interested in her, but couldn’t give a damn about getting to know her or spending time with her, and a bunch of vague visions, usually of her friends being sad, or somewhat ambivalent.  I can remember two scenes where she saw her friends unhappy, one where a friend was just crying, another where a different friend was in a hospital bed.  But she wasn’t unconscious or bed ridden.  She was on the side of the bed sitting up.  Those visions could have meant anything, and they could just as well have been a transient event.

In the end, this show is guilty in my eyes of being boring, and failing to give me a reason to look forward to its future.  Even after dropping Argevollen, I could look back and think about the interesting things I might miss by dropping it.  But I don’t believe I’ll find anything in this show’s future interesting, even if I had a chance to peek at it, I wouldn’t care to try.

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