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Argevollen ep3: this stupidity does not amuse me

I’m torn as to whether I should give this show anymore attention or not. As with another mecha series I’m watching this season, most of the shows chances at being good, or even tolerable rest on the main character. And it leaves me torn, because there are examples of his kind of character being good for a show, and also bad for a show. It complicates things as to how I want to judge a little rule-breaking, pig-headed punk in this series. And the bad thing is, even if that question is a wash and I remove him from the equation. I don’t know if the show is worth watching. If I was to be asked if I was having fun watching this show, I would have to say no – mostly.

I’m not gonna try to be poetic this time around and mince words. This show isn’t very interesting or fun to watch. And it should have been dropped already.

I dare say the show may be too grounded. Too slow. And too benign. The only excitement is when Tokimune acts like a hot-headed moron and runs off for no good reason. While it’s debatable whether leaving your best weapon as rear guard is the best idea. The argument is somewhat muted by the fact that Jamie can’t get to a decent piece of communications equipment to save her life. But it doesn’t excuse the fact that that dumbass ran out into middle of a killzone and demolition area set up by his own army! Arrgh! It’s so predictable I wonder why they let him out there!

The boredom coupled with the stupidity just seals the deal for me. It’s rare that I just dump a mecha series like this, but I’m dumping Argevollen. Even with the possibility of enemy aces and new technology popping up, along with a somewhat realistic mecha set up, this show just isn’t entertaining. I’ve having way too much fun with other material to waste time on this series.

Further Reading:

  • My god!  Watch any of the mecha series from the last big run of that genre about a year ago.  Majestic Prince, Gargantia and Valvrave are all incredibly entertaining mecha show you should check out.  Also, Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team is a personal favorite, and though not flawless, has some outstanding moments.  Matter of fact, now that I think of it.  Break Blade is a rather similar series that has outstanding production values and is great direct alternative to this show as well.
  • Argevollen ep2 (please stop yelling at me)
  1. July 21, 2014 at 21:38

    I was going to give this show a try, But now I’m afraid of being bored. I got a surprise by not liking this one series (I pride myself in knowing what I like just by the description and look), because it was just too boring, it was killing me. Now I see that perhaps I can skip this.

    • July 22, 2014 at 01:27

      Yeah, I don’t think we’ll miss much. This show just doesn’t have any spark or excitement to it. Maybe there’s still hope for Aldnoah Zero to properly represent mecha anime this season, but not this show.

      Thanks for commenting.

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