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AniFriday Issue #22: July 18th, 2014 (Summer Camp for Anime)

Back from EVO (not literally) and feeling… tired.  Whew!  That was a long time to sit in front of a computer and WATCH people play video games.  And yet, I still found a little time to watch anime.  Not enough to watch ALL the anime I’m supposed to watch, but enough to try out a few new summer anime.  And boy is there a lot I’m not happy about or don’t care about.  It’s like being tasked with watching over a bunch of kids.  Some you really like, some kinda don’t get your attention, and then there are a few you just want to drop in the lake.  I will not be talking about those.

I have to say, I do wish I had time to check out some of the more popular series, but if I honestly don’t find myself excited about watching them, then it’s best I don’t waste my immediate time.  Though I will clarify, I doubt anyone expects me to, but I’m not watching Free S2, NEW Sailor Moon or Sword Art Online.  I love that women (and the gays) get to enjoy a show full of fluff for them like we do with so many of our shows.  Many people expect women to be “better” than men, with higher standards and more discerning tastes, but I’m calling bullshit on that.  In a sense, women don’t eat vegetables all the time, they don’t drink water with every meal and they may not wait to have sex (we call hope for that, right guys?).  So if they want to want to watch Free because they don’t have to think and it makes them feel good, then great.

The same goes for Sailor Moon.  That show has been lampooned for years, but to me, it’s the more feminine equivalent of Dragonball Z.  It’s point zero for so much anime fandom, that you can’t deny its importance, even as you want to deny its quality.  Sure, the main character is a blazing airhead who worries too much about boys and getting fat.  But that’s the cat’s problem, not our’s.  To me it’s just a show about girl’s want to be good, live their lives in relative peace, and to take the pretty trinkets they keep with them everyday and MURDER WHO EVER F*CKS WITH THEM!  And if I can have an insane fantasy in my immature anime, then everyone should be able to enjoy that same pleasure.

Then there’s SAO.


I WANT to give this anime a fair shot!  I really do!  But even with the quickest of glances, I can tell that it is eventually going to piss me off.  On top of that, the fandom and anti-fandom is so rabid that I don’t want any part of that unending war.  I have to ignore enough bombastic bullsh*t being an open Evangelion and Naruto fan.  I don’t care for one single more battle.  F*ck it I say!  Hate whatever you want!  Just don’t argue with me about it.  They’re opinions and you can keep your’s and choke on it, because I’m done arguing over my hobby.

Except for ZZ Gundam, that sh*t is still trash until the Sun explodes, the singularity wipes out time and space and family accepts that I’m never going back to school!

Now!  Time for a little anime and manga.  Here are the series I’ll be covering this week, enjoy!

  • Akame ga Kill! ep1
  • Hajime no Ippo ch1057 & 1058
  • Naruto ch684

Akame ga Kill!

Episode 2

I’m not as hype for this second episode as the first, but I still like the serious tone it takes even amongst all the camp and childish antics. I’m not so sure things are as cut and dry as they appear, and the naive Tatsumi may do well not to try those he’s with so easily, but for now… for now it is OK to roll with it.

Much of this episode was spent on the already known factor of whether Tatsumi would join Night Raid or not. But the silly coyness of it all did allow us to know more about the situation. The idea of a lone small assassination corps changing the world is a dumb and short-sighted one. There are of course political, cultural and social ramifications to think about. Who steps into power? What will be the philosophy of those that step into those vacant positions? What is the strength of their character? These questions don’t remotely get answered, but at least we know that there is an army to step in once actual war takes place, and that there’s some sort of leadership handling such plans.  Then again, for a shounen type of show, this is about as much as I usually expect.  The Revolutionary Army is basically the stand-in mysterious organization with various important people in it that we’ve yet to meet.  It’s practically a trope.

Where the details lie, is in Night Raid’s actual work.  It’s no surprise that Tatsumi actually joins the group after meeting all its members.

Side note: I do like that the gay dude is just a dude, and doesn’t appear like some (relatively) flamboyant stereotype of a gay dude.  He just could have as easily been a buff fancy man.

The trick to work with Night Raid is the realization that there’s no room for naivete or dullness in their line of work.  And they state that clearly to him.  It’s not justice, it’s murder, plain and simple.  To enjoy this work, is to enjoy murder – even if you’re doing it to avenge someone or right some wrong.  And considering the harshness of their work, I say they take things pretty easy on him.  Then again, I have Eureka Seven as a barometer for hazing and bullying to contend with, so most everything else seems nice and reasonable by comparison.

In the end, what really matters is that Tatsumi learns his lesson from his fellow assassins and takes care of his first job safely.  Could this be a homely, loving group of assassins?  Well, perhaps I’m pushing that idea too far.

Overall, a decent episode when I think of all the terrible second episodes I’ve seen in comparison.  Over the next four or five episodes that I devote to testing it out, I hope this show can capture my imagination.

Hajime no Ippo

Chapter 1057

“The Dempsey counter counter counter!!!”

So while Metzli mode gives Ippo the widest opening, it also offers a chance for a much quicker death. The previous strategy from Gonzalez literally kept Ippo at arm’s reach. It appeared that Ippo would never have a chance to cleanly strike Gonzalez, and he would just end up getting outboxed for all 12 rounds, or until he collapsed from fatigue and the accumulated damage. We’ll call that a Mayweather style defeat.

But these wild swings, even though it looks like a 50/50 shot in this incredibly frightening exchange of whiffs, the pros can tell that Gonzalez is only getting more and more accurate in his approach towards countering the Dempsey Roll. If Ippo was gonna hit him, the sooner the better, and so Ippo goes in with his most advanced trump card. Despite all the built up momentum, he stops the Dempsey Roll on a dime, allowing Gonzalez to whiff and fall into his punch – except that strategy is countered as well!

The further this fight goes, the more miffed I become at the strategies open for Ippo. I, like a lot of the audience, forgot that Ippo could stop that move so quickly, though it looks painful and hard as hell to do. But now that its failed, I am again left wondering if he has any options left.

Chapter 1058

“Do you realize where you’re standing?!”

I can’t believe what I’m seeing!  This makes no sense!  Yet I don’t care because this fight is about to get a whole lot more interesting!  Gonzalez is so full of rage and disrespect that he’s taking any chance he can to break Ippo down.  While his reckless counter to the Dempsey Roll was successful in stopping it, it had the worst possible side effect in letting Ippo into clinching distance.  No that I think about it, I don’t understand why Ippo didn’t clinch and throw in some crucial body blows during the battle!  A golden opportunity missed!  I will admit that for a moment I missed that moment, too.  It was Coach Kamogawa who pointed out the obvious.  And that goes to show again that he’s not the brightest coach around, but being able to point out the obvious like that is a huge help when your boxer is stuck in the heat of the moment.  I will say that he came through there.

There’s nothing else to say here!  Ippo’s hunkered down for a fight now!  He’s ill-prepared to chase Gonzalez, but that’s no longer a problem!


Chapter 684

“It all depends on you alone, Sakura.”

Oh great.  The legendary Sakura has come to the rescue.  Forgive me for not being more enamoured with all the possibilities.

I love how just now, Kaguya and Black Zetsu realize that they need to kill Naruto.  I guess before they had the plan to take back even the chakra that Sasuke and Naruto had.  Though I’m a bit confused by that, because I was for sure that dropping them in lava would disintegrate their bodies and lose her that chakra forever.

Regardless, the plan seems to be a go.  Sakura and Obito will need to take care of the rest, while Naruto continues his battle alone with Kaguya.  Then again, it doesn’t ever seem as though Naruto is alone with all those shadow clones.

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  1. July 18, 2014 at 00:54

    I’m one of those weirdos who actually likes Sword Art Online but has zero problems in critisising it. But then, I think one of the trademarks of being a big fan of anime (or of anything at all, really) is being able to critique said thing even when – or sometimes especially when – you love it. (I also still love Evangelion, the most recent Rebuild film notwithstanding.)

    • July 18, 2014 at 23:33

      That’s something I admittedly have a problem with when it comes to some of my favorite anime. My brain can’t conceive of a flaw for shows like Azumanga Daioh or Rose of Versailles. But I’m mature enough to admit they’re there.

      I’ve been trying so hard to watch Rebuild, but man does that have the same problem Sword Art Online has. I’ve heard so many terrible stories of people being traumatized, hurt and disappointed by the movie that I hesitate to try it. Then again, after Anno’s past two Evangelion projects, you think people would have expected some sort of bull crap.

      • July 19, 2014 at 02:44

        I enjoyed the first two Rebuild movies a lot, but the third one pissed me off. Also a lot. (Honestly, I may never get over it.)

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